Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sweet manna from heaven.....

I have said it before and I will say it again, Beaumont is God's country. Yesterday as I drove by the Rite Aid by my house I noticed a new sign for one of the nearby shops. FRUGOS!!!!!!! You have no idea how happy this makes me! So I went to the website to see when it would open.... soon is all that it said but I also noted they are opening another shop over by ROSS!!! does it get any better?!?!?! So I can go for a walk and get Frugos or I can go shopping and go to Frugos. Target and Marshalls.... where are you? are you listening?... Beaumont is the place to be.....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boy oh Boy

Here are the boys of our small group....

Jonathan 3 months
Grady 16 months
Ethan 9 months
That's right, they are all about 6 months apart. :0) I think this may be the first time they have all been together and one of them was not eating, sleeping, crying or in a belly.
Here is a blurry picture with the mamas. I need a new camera. hmmm.
We had fun today scrapping a little bit together. Didn't get as much done as we used to before these three little angels came along but definitely had fun anyways.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just some pictures

This past weekend was pretty low key. We had dinner with Jason, Robin and Sammi on Friday night and on Saturday we helped Hillary and Jeff move into their new place. Sunday was usual: church, dinner and naps. :0). Yesterday I went and worked in my classroom for 2 hours while my mom watched JT. I just got a call from Robin to watch Sammi for a bit today ao I am getting ready to head over there. This afternoon I am working in my class again (I guess that is what happens when you have a baby, I don't just take a day or two and knock it all out, I brought a ton of stuff home yesterday to work on while he napped. It was kinda nice since since school is kinda creepy with NO one there but me. )
Before church, classic smiley boy then stare at the camera...
Me and the boy.
Happy bean in the bath.... grr I hate that my camera gives him red eye....
He isn't "talking" as much this week since he discovered the joy of chewing on his fingers...

This morning Thomas thought is was funny to set the "king" up in our bed, to bad he spit up all over MY pillow, oh well, needed to wash the sheets anyways.
SO far we have taken a few little naps, gone for a walk, played with toys, bounced in the seat, changed outfits, read some books (I got a big book for my kinders at Costco but I think it may turn into his, I was reading I'll love you forever and apparently he wasn't too interested... I switched to 5 little ducks (the big book) and read it about 5 times in a row...) and it's not even 10:00 yet...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today at the Vet

Today my mom was kind enough to watch the little bean for a bit while I took the other two children to the Vet. In addition to getting shots I learned a few things... I need to brush their teeth more regularily (since I have never done this I guess I am supposed to start, have you ever met these two? there is no way I could get them still long enough to brush their teeth!). Roxy needs to have some of her baby teeth pulled for an estimated 130+ dollars (I just thought they were added cuteness to go with her overbite). Duncan. Oh Duncan. Let's just say that he needs to lay off Roxy's food a little. He is tipping the scales at 20 pounds, no wonder I could barely lift him when I was prego. I was so glad not to have JT with me since I tripped about 5 times with these two maniacs wrapping me up with their leashes, it could have been ugly with him in his carseat also. I need a nap.... :0)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Died and gone to heaven... or wait Beaumont is God's Country!

Ross is now open in Beaumont.... my life is nearly complete.... now all I need is a Marshalls... I went there today and got tons of clothes for work (since my shape has changed a little since last year....) yahoo (the new clothes part, not the new shape part...) !!!

Weekend in Havasu

The sleep race...

Auntie Kaitlyn aka the baby whisperer and her "cabbage patch", "muffin", "muffin top"among other names she called him. She still loves him even though he farted on her, sneezed on her and "threw up " (spit up) on her.... what can I say he is a boy...

Kaitlyn on the air chair... grr makes me sick that she did it on her first try...

Out in the water...

Judy with Jonathan in his life vest when we first were heading out.

hmm... I think I am going to have a lot of posts with that title (ha ha). We were out in Lake Havasu again this weekend. Kaitlyn came with us and we had a blast. We got out there Friday night and got settled in. On Saturday we went out with Judy and Pete on their boat. Thomas and Kaitlyn did the air chair. It was Kaitlyn's first time and she got up right away... we were all ready to slap her! Why didn't I go you ask... well I knew I would be super sore afterwards and taking care of JT with my arms feeling like they were gonna fall off didn't sound to fun for me but I had a great time watching them. Then in the afternoon we went back to the house for some painting. Kaitlyn and Jonathan had a sleeping race, Kaitlyn won... it was pretty cute to see her sleeping and him wide awake next to her, it didn't last long and he was out. Thomas and I started painting in the master bedroom. We went to mudsharks brewery for dinner with Judy and Pete. They are so much fun to hang out with! Then it was back to the house, Jonathan had a bath and went to bed and Thomas fixed the water purifier line. Then we watched a movie on the laptop. On Sunday we got up and got to work painting some more. It was pretty humid since there was a thunder storm moving through while we were working. I will take dry heat any day! We have the front bedrooms completely done and the master is done with the exception of the door that needs to be replaced and the closet doors. All that we have left is the bathrooms. Next time we go out we will be meeting up with Kathy to get all of the furniture so that should be fun. We are hoping to get the carpets cleaned before that.... we are getting to where we will be able to go out there and enjoy ourselves and not spend the whole time working!

3 months old!

On Friday Jonathan celebrated his 3 month birthday!
He is growing up so fast. He doesn't roll over quite as much as he used to, I think his round head is getting a little too heavy for him. He is such a sweet boy and has decided to start "talking" to us more and more. The last week he decided that his "pipe" is a good thing and he loves it! We definitly have started to see more smiles and less screams! He likes to sleep on our bed for naps sometimes. I think he likes the pillow top. He also loves to have something touching his face, like his burp cloth. He plays in his bouncy seat and on his play mat. In the evenings he loves to be outside with us on the hammock. He goes to sleep at night in jammies without being swaddled and he falls asleep without fighting it too much. I think he might start to laugh soon, he does a few squeals that crack me up every once in a while. Overall he is a pretty happy baby and gets happier everyday! He still doesn't like to smile for the camera, so this was all I got for his picture :0)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Sammi!

This weekend we went to Sammi's (Jason and Robin's little girl) birthday. Here she is opening the present from us... a baby wrap like the one I got Robin for her shower. So she can be like her mommy... I love how she is studying the card.

Here we are hanging out in the back yard during the festivities. At one point Thomas had JT upstairs for a nap... he dozed off himself but I didn't bring the camera up when I checked on them. Too cute!

hmmm I think he looks like Thomas here....

Sammi grubbing on her cake with her "done" in hand (pony)... apparenly I missed the memo that my gift should have been horse related.... oh well, she can carry her "done" in her baby wrap....
This one is for you Kathy..... we wish you could have been there!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


This is kinda a random post but I thought some of you might find it interesting.....
300%... thats the typical mark-up for furniture. Thomas' mom has a connection in Utah for wholesale furniture.
2 dinning room tables with 8 chairs, a futon, a couch, a love-seat, a queen bed, a night stand, a day bed with a trundle, 1 queen matress and 2 twin matresses = $1, 800. SO basically we will have the house in Havasu ready to go in a couple of weeks... wow. We thought it would take us at least a couple of years.
I thought I got a good deal on my living room furniture from big lots, guess I was wrong. Thought we were getting a good deal when we bargained for our bedroom set, wrong again.
The JC penny's outlet.... a rip off.
The irony also is that the queen bed is the exact same one we have out there already that Thomas found on "sale" right before we got married, for more than half the sale price we paid.
I am very proud of my non "dutch" hubby for figuring out a "dutch"way to get new furniture. :0)
Anyone want to go into the furniture business? Sheesh...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bouncing and Smiles

It's been a little while so I thought I would post some pictures. The first are of some of Jonathan smiles and then him in his jumperoo....
He is VERY smiley on his changing table but whenever I get out the camera he gets this smirk/serious look while he watches it... sooo
I had Thomas "hide" behind me and we got these ones, I love those dimps!!

He also loved to "stand and bounce" in your hands so Thomas put together the jumperoo, he is WAY to small, his little chicken legs don't even touch the floor, but he was happy to hang there for a few minutes :0).
Here is his new way to sleep for naps, no more swaddling but he likes to have a burp cloth over his face.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Since he thinks he is big he likes to sit in his Bumbo now.....

4th of July Weekend

It was so nice to have a three day weekend after all of our work out in Havasu (what am I saying... I have a 7 day weekend ha ha) for Thomas to be home too I mean.... On the fourth we cleaned the house in the morning (so fun...) and then went over to Grandma W.'s house to swim in the pool. My dad came with us because my mom is in Michigan. We brought the dogs and because Jonathan is the new star attraction there are no pictures of them on their pool float. That's right those two lay down or stand on their own float in the pool, it is pretty cute. Then we came home and napped for a bit. When it was dark we went over to the park by our house that has a hill to watch fireworks. We didn't hear the big "booms" which made it a little less exciting but it was still fun, Jonathan mostly slept in the stroller.
On Saturday we worked in the yard, I mowed the front and the back (go me..!) and Thomas fixed sprinklers, our yard was starting to look a little like a war zone with the dead grass and holes from the dogs, hopefully this will help.
Sunday was church which was really nice after having been gone for two weeks in a row, my Dad came over for lunch bbq. Then Thomas took a nap and I tried to take a nap but Jonathan thought that two 20 min power naps were all he needed until bedtime. I guess that was the trade off for him sleeping through church, which was really nice for me, I get so distracted in the "cry room", even if he isn't crying.... Last night I read while Thomas worked on homework (booo). I know that Jonathan has no real schedule yet but last night he slept from 8:00pm until 4 am... no midnight wake up call for me! I fed him at 4 then he went right back to sleep until 7:00. It' s so weird the past few nights that he has started to sleep more I have my dreams back... I guess I am not so tired anymore! :0)

Everytime we would hold up the camera he would stop smiling..grrr
Getting geared up for the pool, his little rash guard and swim trunks were something I bought for him before he was born!

He is WAY too small for his float, but it was good to keep the sun off of him.
Just chillin in the pool, I think he likes it.
Sleepy boy for fire works.....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This past weekend Jonathan found his fingers.... he loves to suck on them and put them in his mouth. He is also discovering that they can choke him so he needs to be careful!!!

Last night Grandma W and Ronnie came up to hang out and play a little Wii. Ronnie has grown up into such a nice kid. I wish I would have taken a few pics....

Havisu Painting Trip

We left for Havisu again on Friday evening to work some more. My parents both came with us to help paint. We got a TON done, we did ceilings, baseboards and the walls in the kitchem , dining room, living room, hallway and two front bedrooms. All that is left is the master bedroom, one closet in the front bedroom and the bathrooms (one of which is bright purple, so it is going to take some work!) We were all pretty sore and tired but happy to have accomplished so much.
After heading out to Home Depot (which is convinently having their paint sale) and buying a couple hundred dollars worth of white paint and "indulgent mocha" (which is basically a very neutral-white color but is "brown" to my mom who living on the edge in the old house was using Navaho white instead of bright white) with my Dad, Thomas got to work painting the celing in the dining room while my dad did the ceiling in the kitchen and my mom and I worked on taping, baseboards and trim.
Finally we got to the color part, the walls were a light lavender color with a ton of holes that we had to patch. The people before us even put things up with staples, who does that?!?! We also discovered that the two kids that lived there were Levi and Lindy because of the "growth chart" on the door way. They were also naughy kids and took a pencil to the trim around the door ways.... :0) and I think Lindy liked glitter and beads because I vaccumed up alot of that last weekend.
Here we are in the living room with it all finished. It is amazing what some paint will do... Thomas mentioned it would be fun to flip houses... I mentioned that he might need another labor force... Notice we only have one chair, two cushions (that need to be covered) and a coffee table, I think our next step will be some furniture ha ha. It feels like a dorm room before the roomates with a couch arrive. Too bad we are those roomates who have to find one. :0)
Last time we were out we bought a swing.... best investment we ever made. He did really well over all, he is getting to be such a fun person to take with us places. With the exception of Chilis on Saturday night he did wonderfully. Lots of smiles for Grandma and Grandpa as well as his friends out there... vertical blinds....and ceiling fan.....
This desk/ shelf thing is in one of the bedrooms. It was the bright purple color (in the former princess room) I forgot to take a before shot but we discovered that under the shelf are lights that are wired to the switch, I think it will be fun to take some of my scrapbook stuff in the winter time when we go out there. My mom did a great job getting it covered and my dad was an amazing caulk- person. We were quite the paint crew!
I had to take this shot on the way home... his lips are just like Thomas when he is sleeping... I love it!!
We are staying in town this weekend for the 4th and next weekend too but then we are back out there! We are hoping to do a three day weekend and maybe actually get to play one of the days! Judy and Pete came over on Sunday and offered to take us out on their boat..... I can't wait!!!!

Tummy Time

He starts out on his tummy....
Then he starts to lean....
Before you know it he rolls over!