Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A box from Grandma!

A couple of weeks ago a package came in the mail for Jonathan from Grandma Utah... Jonathan had been a little crabby so I made a big deal out of it and we came in the house and opened it right up. Inside was a little tube of Butt Paste. He was pretty ticked at me when I wouldn't let him play with it and make a mess all over his room. He cried. It was sad. Grandma wanted to make it up to him so she put together the most fun box for him. He pretty much carried the box all the way from the mail box.

He loved discovering all of the cool stuff that was inside.
His FAVORITE part was his very own box of alphabits cereal. You would think that he died and went to heaven!

Thanks Grandma for the cool box of treats! :0)


It's been a while... but I have started back to work so things got pretty busy around here. For those of you who don't know I got a shared teaching contract this year. I am only working part time and I LOVE it so far. I really love teaching and staying home with Jonathan so this lets me do both!
My first day of work poor bubby had his first real fever. He was definitely not himself. He got his back top molars and he had a cold as well. I felt so bad for him but he was back to his cheerful self within a couple of days.
We decided to beat the heat and go up to lake Arrowhead. We had a great time walking around and playing at the little park there.
Jonathan was trying to feed the ducks from his hand... none of them decided to fly up the six feet and take a stale cheerio from him.

Jonathan got to have his first happy meal. He ate half a chicken nugget, one fry (that he repeatedly dipped in ketchup) and a little bit of my cheeseburger. I don't really think he is a fan and I don't blame him! His favorite part was getting to have his own milk with a straw.

Last week there was a big fire in the mountains by our house. Here's a picture from over our neighbor's houses.
Jonathan loves to help clean. The other day I was using some clorox wipes to clean the kitchen and he desperately wanted one. I found a container of baby wipes that was mostly dried out (grr I hate when that happens) so I gave him one of those and he went to town.
the floor.

the barn.

the dog.
glad to know everything around here is clean and baby fresh! :0)