Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Havasu - don't know why this post went CrAzY!

This past weekend we got some much needed rest, relaxation and family time in Havasu. Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!! We had sweatshirts and blankets on for a cruise to the dam and back but once we got to the channel for lunch we were HOT! We had a great time and I love the fact that the parks out there have something geared twoards the 5 and under crowd too. JT can't really play out there in the summer but he can sure have a blast in the winter. On Sunday we hooked up the boat and as we were driving down were saying to each other "it seems a little cooler" " the wind seems to have picked up today" "hmmm are those white caps on the lake?" so we turned right around. We did a few minor repairs to the fence and a light switch and then drove back home. We all had a great time. :0)

Wild Animal Park

Playing in the hollowed out log.
The petting zoo.

Reading the map (which he had until just yesterday and he decided to eat it instead of read it like he had been).

I love this one of my little cheese-ball waiting in line to the tram ride. :0)

The weekend before last (did time really go by that quickly - wow) we packed up truck and headed down to Escondido to go to the wild animal park. It was a lot of fun and a lot of walking. They are remodeling many parts of the park so there are times that you get somewhere and wonder what are we here for? Thomas sees bulldozers everyday... not really all that exciting. :0) Jonathan was in awe of the animals and had a blast running around. The best parts were seeing the giraffes running to get some fresh leaves, hearing the lions roar (which was actually really creepy and scary) and hearing Jonathan trying to talk about the ggrrrllll (gorilla)'s ball that he had in the enclosure to play with. While feeding the lorikeets was fun it definitely creeped me out to have these crazy birds attack and start to eat and pee at the same time.... ew. Next time I will take the camera and Thomas can take the food.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Started the festivities with our small group Hallowii party. I had so much fun getting ready for it this year. I LOVE parties! :0)
Carving a pumpkin in the back yard... Jonathan mostly said ew and trash while he helped me scoop. He wasn't super interested and tried to feed pumpkin pieces to Duncan (who surprise surprise gladly ate them).

On Friday night we went to meet up with Grandpa O and the girls for Halloween Happening at Trinity (I forgot to take a pic of them...grrr..). It was fun to see so many kids dressed up and Jonathan went into a bounce house for the first time. He mostly hung out by the side because you can see the crazy buzzz lightyear kid in the background.

Grams W was there too.
We went out to dinner at Panera Bread before and Jonathan got the "juicebox milk" - think it made him sick.
He fell asleep on the way home and at about 10:30 threw up the milk... poor bubbas..
We weren't sure if he was sick sick or just from the milk and on Saturday he was a littl whinier than usual so we decided to just stay home and pass out candy. He did go with Thomas to Frugos to get his free yogurt in his jammies and he got a free shirt. He LOVED seeing the kids come to get candy so it was a fun night. :0)

The kitchen

A few weeks ago I got a bee in my bonnet to get Jonathan a kitchen. Since he loves to help me so much I thought just maybe it would be something that he would actually play with. After searching around online I discovered the one that I really liked the best was from pottery barn. Super cute but not really in the budget. So I thought how hard can it be to make one. After googling how to make a kitchen I found one that seemed super easy using closet storage shelves. I talked Thomas into going to Home Depot to get the shelves and get started (since I would be able to do most of the work). WELLLLLL Home Depot and Wal Mart did not have the shelves so Thomas ever so willingly bought some sheets of wood to do it all himself. Through the process of making our own kitchen we realized how expensive it CAN be to do it all yourself. While the DIY website made their kitchen for about 40 dollars ours was a bit more. BUT I LOVE IT. :0)
Making the base

Nearly finished... the kitchen is painted red like mine... the black oven is appliance paint from when we thought it would be a good idea to paint our white fridge black... the fridge is white like our baseboard paint... the counter top is leftover tile board from our shower at 12th st... the knobs and burners are painted wood from Michaels.... towel bar and sink faucet are new cheapies from Home Depot... curtain from my kitchen windows and 12 th st, the puppet theater curtains in kindergarten...

All done... I painted the little window with an apple pie in it, the rug is a place mat from Wal Mart.

Play food from Costco... have some Juice momma. :0)
Enjoy your kitchen JT it was a labor of love! And you better PLAY with it (although Thomas and I said the whole time he probably wouldn't!)