Monday, March 30, 2009


So we had another great weekend in Havasu.... we packed up the whole fam this time (we took the dogs with us...) on Friday and left after bubby had dinner and a bath. He slept pretty much the whole way. Duncan started having his "I've been in the car too long" heart attack in palm desert... we thought we were in for a long ride but since we have a real baby and don't worry about him as much we knew he would calm down eventually and stop trying to dig out of his crate and he did. We woke up to a beautiful day on Saturday and loaded up all the kids to take out the boat... unfortunately I forgot the camera so you will just have to imagine our lily white bodies laying in the sun (it really wasn't a pretty picture but seeing Thomas laying on the beach with one puppy on each side was pretty priceless.) Jonathan bean taking his morning nap all snuggled up in the cabin of the boat was pretty adorable too but oh well. We ate lunch and cruised around the lake... we even drove through the channel to experience spring break in there... let me just say I am glad we go out there to play and relax and not try to party and be cool.... no feeding the ducks this time! The dogs loved being out in the boat and I was very proud of myself for backing the boat and the trailer in when it was more crowded. Saturday night we took Jonathan out in the stroller and went looking for the memorial wall... didn't find it until later but oh well...

Feeties in the sun... no shoes!!!

look at those top two teeth

my fav boys!
Sunday we took the boat out again but it was overcast and cooler. Jonathan slept in my lap and we drove a little faster up to three dunes and back... we are scoping out beaches for when we want to stay longer and set up a canopy and such. Then we went back to the house so Thomas could work on the weed situation. On the way home we stopped at KFC in Parker (cuz the other choices are Mc donalds and taco bell... double EWWW) and I found something JT won't eat... KFC mashed potatoes! Oh well I guess they are pretty gross. He enjoyed string cheese and applesauce and a few crackers instead. I should have paid attention and not eaten a chicken sandwich because it made my tummy hurt.... fast food really is gross! He was awake for most of the trip and blew raspberries at us and played peek a boo in the back seat. We didn't hear a peep from the dogs and he finally crashed just before the windmills. What a fun trip... can't wait to go back!

Monday, March 23, 2009

11 months

How can it be that the Jonathan Bean is already 11 months old... where has the time gone?!?!?
Here are some of his latest tricks:
* He LOVES to eat.... so far he eats most everything that I give him. Some of his favs are pancakes and quesidillas. He also loves himself some cereals. Pretty much anytime he is cranky and it isn't because it is about 10 minutes before a nap it's because he is STARVING!!! He is also a very thankful eater who says MMMMM to every bite.
* He has four new teeth on the top... came in very close to one another but one of the front ones is down just a little further than the others... it is changing his little smile.
* He is crawling very fast now and loves to go exploring when the gates are down. We have finally given in and put safety latches on most of the cupboards.
* He loves to open things and take stuff out: for example kitchen cupboards, his clothes drawers in his room, baskets of toys, he uses his teeth to open up anything with a lid on it, any clothes I have just folded and put in the basket. I have a special drawer for him in the kitchen that is basically filled with plastic food containers and boxes... he loooooves it.
* He likes to play with Duncan and Roxy and screams at them to chase him. He also likes to steal their chew bones and try to chew them.... gross I know. He gets so excited when they wrestle each other.
* With the warmer weather he is very happy to be outside and play with a ball with Thomas or me.
* He stands up by everything.... pushes things around.. cruises... but hasn't really stood all the way on his own for very long. I thought he would be an early walker but I am thankful he isn't.
* He loves himself some grandma... I swear he has grandma radar and puts on the charm for any lady that could be a grandma. ( hmmm I bet he got that from Thomas..... he is great at selling cutting edges but if old ladies bought cutting edges we would be millionaires :0) )
* He loves the bath and playing and splashing in the water. I can't wait for Havasu this summer.
* He HATES to have his diaper changed.... like repeated "death rolls" and hanging on with white knuckles to the shelf above the changing table. Makes things interesting that's for sure!
* He never wanted me to rock him to sleep at night but since the time change he has had a change of heart and I love it!!! He still is rocked for naps with pipie and lovie in the correct positions....
* He loves books, he will sit for 4 or more stories at a time. Good thing I am a kids book addict. Every time a board book comes up in one of my kindergarten orders I get it for him. :0)
* OH and one of my favorite new things is that he loves to dance. He is a dancing machine... I really have to get a good video of it because watching him shake his little booty is the cutest thing ever!!!
He gets more and more fun to be around everyday. We are so thankful for such a sweet little guy!


Sorry such a long time with no new pictures and no new posts. March so far has been about survival. My mom went back to work full time until spring break and so sweet Jonathan Bean has been watched at home everyday (which means I need to spend the evening picking up for someonelse to hang out in my casa...). I have had kindergarten report cards which at this time of the school year means lots of assessing and stress. I helped host a super fun bridal shower for my sister that was supposed to be in the backyard (so we busted a MOVE getting it all together) that ended up being indoors. This week is the kindergarten program which I am incharge of the slide show for and directing.... AHHHHH. to top it all off Jonathan decided to cut four top teeth at the same time and do a little extra waking up at night. so moral of the story is I will get caught up! Jonathan has started to sleep better and the teeth are finally here. The program is Thursday night, conferences and report cards are done, and spring break is in 4 days!!! We survived!!