Sunday, May 2, 2010

Havasu Poker Run Weekend

A couple of weekends ago Thomas took off Thursday and Friday and we headed out for a long family weekend in Havasu. We had such a blast the whole weekend! Besides wanting to spend time together as a family it was the weekend of "Desert Storm" which is a big poker run/ racing weekend for some really big boats. From what I know this is the only time and place in the US (besides the Miami boat show) when this many big boats are together at one time. We packed up Wednesday night and Jonathan still asks us to put him in his dinosaur jammies and go to Havasu.

Thursday morning we got groceries and headed out to the park and channel. We played and fed the ducks. Jonathan just loves to play and play and play out there.

Despite the rain we went out and bought an umbrella to go to the street fair. All of the boats were lined up to check out. Jonathan was a total boy and into looking at all of the motors. Most of the boats were on trailers that had hydraulics to tilt them on their side so they could go down the road and not be a wide load.

Prego baby belly. :0)

I love this family photo!!!

Friday morning Jonathan started out by taking a self portrait. We ate breakfast and drove down to the lake to see the boats do a parade in the channel. We had to wait almost an hour behind the Miami Vice boat who had to put 600 gallons of gas in.

The wait was well worth it and we were on the lake in the sunshine... the parade was fun to watch and the boats were so amazing! There was also some good people watching too. ;0)

We stopped at one of our favorite little coves which also happened to be where one of the sponsors had a house boat. Thomas loved watching all of the boats come and go and Jonathan and I had fun feeding the ducks communion bread crusts.
We took a cruise for him to nap and the sunscreen gave him and interesting hairdo!
This pic is from Saturday. We were at the lake again to watch races and speed trials. Jonathan had a blast playing in the water, sand and on the boat. We learned our lesson from the day before that having a potty training kid out at the lake means you need to bring the potty... a sand pail doesn't cut it... he thought it was pretty hilarious to use the potty on the boat (or on the beach....)

Sunday we went up the gorge for a short morning. We were coming off the lake when most people were coming on. We had a late start heading home because we discovered a roof leak.... we got it all patched up and will paint the next time we go out.... It was such a great weekend!!!! :0) come on summer we can't wait to go out more!

Jonathan's 2nd Birthday Party

How is it that my little Jonathan bean is a big two year old boy? He growing and talking more and more all of the time. At his two year old check up he was in the 50th percentile for height and 30th for weight. People often think he is a little older than he really is because he is so skinny and somewhat tall. He still loves to eat all of the time. He also loves to say funny things that crack us up all the time! He is in the beginning stages of potty training and likes to wear his "unders" when he is at home. He likes to work more than he likes to play. He LOVES books and can "read" almost all of Brown Bear Brown Bear. He still loves his "pipie" but we are working towards only when it is time to sleep. The other day he bit a hole through one of them and it was quite the tragedy that it was broken!
ON to the party....
We had so much fun planning Jonathan's party this year. We started by asking him what kind of party he wanted and he wanted "nemo". I wanted to make a big deal of picking out the plates and decoration stuff so off we went to the party store..... well Nemo has been around for a while so the party shops did not have it... he was so sad and near tears.... No Nemo Party... Thomas was able to save the day and find some online. He wanted cupcakes and Auntie Kaitlyn outdid herself again. He wanted to give Nemos to his friends so off to wal mart to get some goldfish. I made a banner for the bounce house and got some fun fish crafts for a little craft table. After die-cutting some fish at school we were ready to go! The day of the party he had a great time running around with all of his friends and opening up presents. We were so thankful for all of the friends and family who could come and help us celebrate!
On the day of his actual birthday he woke up to a big present... a TRACTOR!!! :0) Thomas found one on craigslist that was like new and couldn't resist. I thought it was a little much for a two year old but he is in LOVE.... such a fun and memorable birthday for Jonathan bean.