Monday, January 26, 2009

9 months old!

Our little Jonathan bean is 9 months old! I think he looks so grown up in this picture because he actually is getting a neck! Today he had is Doctors appointment. He weighs 18.5 lbs and is 28 inches long. He has moved down to the 3oth percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. His head is in the 70th percentile! so basically I have to jam clothes over his head for them to be slightly baggy but be 3/4 sleeve or look like capris . :0) She said he looks like a really healthy and active baby. You should have seen the little paper sheet that they put down, it looked like a tornado hit it.
Here are some of the things that he is up to....
* He is a really great eater. He pretty much will eat anything as long as it has some peaches or sweet potatoes mixed with it. He eats ALOT. He especially loves anything he can do by himself but with only two teeth it isn't too much.
* Speaking of teeth I thought he had some more coming in but I guess I was wrong. He does love his little tooth brush!
* He is constantly on the move. He is never really still unless he is sleeping. He is starting to play with his toys more, it is so much fun to see how he changes every day. He also pulls himself up by anything he can get a little finger on... sometimes he looks like a rock climber who is barely holding on.
* He beginning to learn "no"... you know how our TV is close to the ground.... well whoever thought of that design never thought about curious little kids. He is in love with crawling over to touch all of the buttons. Or just look at me and smile while putting his finger as close as possible without really touching it. grrrr. :0)
* He is still in love with the TV remote and anything electronic that is NOT a baby toy.
*He loves to be outside and go on stroller walks.
*He has started saying puh puh puh when he sees the dogs, so I think he might be trying to say puppy. He also says woof when he sees a little dog statue at my parents house so maybe......
* He loves to go up to Duncan with his mouth wide open for kisses... gross!!!!
* He has started to give slobbery wet kisses, wonder if he is learning that from the dogs..... Every once in a while he will wave and he is so strong that "so big" just makes him laugh because he uses his muscles to keep his hands from going over his head.
Overall he is starting to develop such a fun little personality. He is definitely a wild man but I have always had a special place in my heart for wild little boys so I guess it only makes sense that I have one of my own. He is such an easygoing baby too, pretty go with the flow as long as we stick to his schedule.... He is definitely in charge when it comes to when he has to eat and sleep. Don't mess with his meal time! We are so thankful for our little Jonathan Bean. ( I swear he is not going to think his middle name is really Thomas. :0) )

Monday, January 19, 2009


This past weekend we went out to Havasu again. It gets more fun and relaxing each time we go. We left Friday after work. Jonathan did great. He cried for a little bit in the car but after we convinced him that it really would be ok to sleep and he wouldn't miss anything he slept the rest of the way. :0) When we got there we unloaded the car and I put JT to bed while Thomas did the Wal Mart run for some food and other stuff. Saturday morning I cleaned the house while Jonathan napped and Thomas trimmed the tree in the front yard. In the afternoon we took the boat out and learned an important lesson. (AFTER I attempted to get the boat off the trailer and looked like a HUGE LOSER who had no idea how to drive a boat, which I really don't but that is besides the point!) Always take the little saftey clips off that prevent the trim from going down while you are towing the boat. This is so that when you get the boat in the water you can actually steer and control it. I was just making water splash up into the air while Thomas is yelling to PUT THE TRIM DOWN... I was, it just wouldn't go with the clips in place. So after getting his jeans wet in the cold water wading in to keep it from hitting the trailer and getting it all figured out we had a good laugh thinking we will never do that again! We cruised around and acutally saw someone water skiing and a few die- hards in the channel with very tanned skin and shorts on. I thought it was a little chilly even with a sweat shirt on but oh well. When we got back to the dock I was able to back the boat trailer down on my second try but in Thomas' truck ( which I can count the times I have driven on one hand) I think I might be getting the hang of it! Just in time for summer. We had a yummy dinner at Red Robin and then went home. We rented a moving but Thomas crashed after staying up late the night before and then working hard all day. Sunday we took it easy and went down to the bridge to walk around a little before we left. There was a little swap meet that was kinda fun to check out. Jonathan slept all the way to the windmills! I think he likes going on the boat too! We forgot to take the camera out on the boat but I have a few other pics.

June Lake

So I am not going to start off this post by apologizing. It's just the way my life is so I am over it! Just know you can check out the old blog to find out what we were doing last month. Maybe some day I will catch up... but probably not! :0)

After new years we packed up the four runner and headed up to June Lake for a long weekend of skiing and snowboarding with my family. Unfortunately we had a little "bug" hit the group and my mom was sick on the way up, I was sick on Friday(I seriously woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was going to DIE!!!) , and Jay (fresh powder outside and never sits still Jay) was laying in bed on Saturday. We all pulled it together for a lot of fun though! I only went snowboarding for half day on Saturday but it was really nice! Jonathan was a trooper as always and had such a good time being spoiled by everyone. It was his first time in real snow! I think he was a little unsure of it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Years Eve

Like I said before I realize this is super late. We had a really fun New Years with my sister and cousins who came over for dinner and games to ring in the new year. Jonathan pretty much slept through the whole thing! I was super tired the next day from staying up late because he still woke up at the regular time (5:00am). Made me feel like I was back in junior high and was at a slumber party or something. JT wouldn't leave the regular hat on so we had to go with the tiarra, he thought it was pretty funny.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Christmas Pics..

I realize this is incredibly late.... in additon to learning how to crawl really well over Christmas vacation Jonathan Bean has learned how to pull himself up onto anything and everything. I can't leave him for a second to type on the computer. He is also 100% boy and tries to injure himself at every possible moment. Right now he is patiently sitting in his high chair waiting for me to type a few words and then give him a bite. Enjoy these pics. Hopefully I can post more soon. :0)