Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can you tell Thomas and Jonathan are napping...

While the boys nap here are some photos of our "DeYoung" (my mom's side of the family) Christmas party.

Another first

Today was the bubby's first time to go thrift shopping. If you know me you know I have been going thrift shopping since I was in elemetary school... and when it was really cool in junior high.... I LOVE IT. I think that is why I like stores like Ross and Marshalls so much. Bargains galore. My mom and Alyssa and I went out this morning to one of our newest favorites in Pomona. We met my Aunt and cousin there (a tradition) and had a yummy lunch with cookies and tea at their house when we were done. We also sit around and show off all of our deals. Jonathan did great. He stayed in the stroller the whole time... didn't touch anything or stick anything in his mouth (EWW germs!!!) and the only tragedy was dropping his lovey which thankfully he didn't need. He was a real trooper! We will have to go again soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

7 and 8 months

7 months old

8 months old

Since things have been so busy with the holidays and kindergarten I am majorly behind in blogging... We had a great thanksgiving... wow was that a whole month ago.... anyways we are so looking forward to Christmas... only a few days now....ANYSHMOOO.... Here is a little update on Jonathan Bean as he recently celebrated his eight month birthday.

He is very funny. He loves to squinch his eyes to flirt. He goes from laying down to sitting very well. He has mastered the scooting "army crawl" which he uses on our floors but once his is on real carpet he crawls. He loves things that are not for babies, keys, cell phones, cords, chair legs... and so on. He has started pulling himself up to stand by things. His favorite place to do this is in his crib at night. He thinks it is so funny... not so much when he bonks his head and cuts his lip (like he did a few nights ago... very sad!). He has graduated from the baby tub in the real tub to just the real tub. He thought it was really fun to pull himself up in that so now he is a little more cautious. His Bumbo has also made its way into the garage. He doesn't spend time in the swing either. It is amazing to think that they only use those kind of things for a few short months but they make live so much easier! He loves to eat cheerios, some days I think he might turn into one. I haven't found anything that he won't eat so far.... He likes to chew on his sippy cup but doesn't really get it yet. He loves his dogs and has fun playing with their tags. They are very patient with him but they do LICK which makes me a little crazy. Overall he is a very happy baby. He makes everyday a new fun adventure!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jonathan's First Trip to the Zoo

Ready to go in.
Eating breakfast with the orangutan. When Thomas was at SDSU he spent many hours observing these guys for a class and they love to come and see babies.... this one would have really liked some strained pears.

This is pretty much what he did the whole time..... looked and smiled at all of the people instead of the animals.
The big gorillas.

Thomas and Jonathan after a little "snack" for Jonathan (the elephants are in the background).

Ready for the bus ride.
We had a great time at the zoo and can't wait to go back another time.... maybe we will hit up the wild animal park next because we have passes and it is much closer. I think this was the first time I went to the Zoo where Thomas and I didn't get "stuck" at the bottom of some hill and spend the whole day walking up hills, we were very careful to look at the map since we had a stroller to push around. :0)

Weekend in San Diego

We were feeling a little "caged in"

And my partner teacher surprised me with an early Christmas present... Saturday night at the Manchester Hyatt in SD. So we packed up all of our yellow and gold gear (to support the Chargers at all times) and drove down to San Diego Saturday afternoon.First stay in a hotel room.. The beautiful view from our room.... down there is Sea Port Village where we walked around looking for a place for an early dinner but didn't find anything. So we bundled up little man and drove over to OB for the Christmas parade. Thomas lived in OB when we were down there for school so we love to go back and visit. The parade has gotton longer and longer every year.... after an hour and 45 minutes we decided we were paraded out but we had a great time with Grandma W. We walked back to the car (which we were able to park in Thomas' aunt and uncle's driveway other wise we would have had a much longer walk.) and drove around trying to find dinner...

This truck was entered in the parade because some kids covered it in magnets because they wanted to be in the parade. That's what the OB parade is like... a bunch of people who just want to have fun.... they even have a group that is a float just dedicated to those who want to be in a parade and anyone can join as the parade goes along...
Jonathan got all tuckerd out by the end
Since we knew pip- squeak would not be good with any form of a resturant for dinner we just got pic up stics and enjoyed it in the car... he was sleeping in the backseat while we ate in the parking lot... :0) Thomas found extraordinary desserts ( a place that has YUMMY desserts that we found last time we were down there) so he ran in and picked up two desserts that we enjoyed at our hotel room.
Even though the room was really dark and the bed was really cozy Jonathan didn't think he needed to "sleep in " in his pac n play. So we were up and ready for the zoo on Sunday!

He enjoyed being big and taking a bath in a real tub.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

Today Jonathan and I took a little trip down to SB to visit Grandma W, Grandpa O and Thomas. While we were down there for lunch Jonathan experienced another "first". His first time in a bar! I couldn't help but think of the line from Sweet Home Alabama.... "you have a baby!.... in a bar!" yup that was me today. When she took our order (of iced tea and cheap steak... it's steak Tuesday afterall) she said and nothing for the baby... a cocktail maybe? laughing. Funny stuff. I don't have a picture to post.....hmmmm

Monday, November 24, 2008

Havasu Weekend

Last week I finished up parent teacher conferences (yahoo!!!). Friday night Thomas, Jonathan and I headed out to the house in Havasu.

On Saturday we went out on the boat... it was so sunny and nice but the air blowing on us from the lake was pretty cold, it seemed strange to be out in jeans and sweatshirts! We spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing at the house. Thomas and I watched some episodes of Desperate Housewives (shhh don't tell anyone he watched it with me :0) ) It was a fun way to start off thanksgiving vacation.
This picture is almost proof that having puppies really does prepare you for having children. Just before I snapped it he was chewing on the chair leg. (I think he is working on some more teeth)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweater vests

This picture is totally "pretend"... he isn't walking....

Happy Family...

So when I found out I was having a boy a few thoughts crossed my mind. One of them being... YES!!! I love little boys in sweater vests. Here is Jonathan in his first sweater vest. He wore it to church today. I love it! Even though I am pretty biased I think he looks pretty darn cute!
This weekend wasn't too exciting.. we went to church Friday night, Saturday night and today. We went to cute little Madyson's first birthday and I finally finished all of my report card "stuff". This week is conference week... I hope it all goes well and then it is THANKSGIVING BREAK!! yahoo!!! Oh and Jonathan has figured out the "wounded soldier" crawl... for the TV remote, newspaper, Roxy's tail.... pretty much anthing he shouldn't be putting in his mouth. But he would much rather just tell one of his slaves to get his toys for him. :0)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday night update

It's been a while since my last post. Not too much to report. Things are school are busy with the holidays, report cards, and so on so I have been pretty tired when I get home so no time to blog. This weekend Thomas put together the high chair for Jonathan Bean. It is so much safer than him scooting himself around the kitchen island in his Bumbo and nearly doing a back flip out of it when I try to wipe his face (seriously how does he know he's not supposed to like that...) After a little chat with Grandma W about crawling on Friday he decided that he wants to extend the Grandma's prediction of 2 weeks to maintain his reputation of being predictable unpredictable. And he really prefers to be carried around as his main mode of transportation. So he is still just getting up on hands and knees and rocking or rolling really well to get the TV remote. That is fine with me little man, please wait as long as you want to crawl.
Saturday we went down to SB for a costco run, to see Katie's new house and pick up some block from Grandma. Thomas worked hard working some more on the planter box so we can plant the trees we bought last week. Jonathan and I hung out on a blanket in the backyard. It was such a beautiful day. In the evening we took a walk down to... be still my beating heart.... FRUGOS!!! I am so happy that it is now open, so yummy. Today was church and our good friends the Oates had their sweet baby Wesley baptised, we went over to their house for some yummy food. Then we all came home and took a long Sunday afternoon nap (surprise, surprise). I just finished the book Multiple Bles8ings that I picked up at Costco instead of working on Report Cards like I should have been... oh well tomorrow is another day! Thomas is off playing Hockey with Jason. Have a good night!

Friday, October 31, 2008

New pictures

As you all know by now, our friend Faith Oates takes great pictures. Here are some of her most recent ones.

And just to compare...
JT at 2 weeks in a basket

JT at 6 months in the same basket

Saturday, October 25, 2008


A couple of months ago Thomas showed me this boat on Ebay... in Havasu... "Hon, I really like this boat, tell me what you think" Looks pretty I like the red (and the fact that it doesn't have a purple interior we would have to replace like the last one you showed me). A few days after that... "the guy countered back with another offer... too much money". OK. I totally put it out of my mind. A week or so ago Thomas was sitting at the computer one evening with a red face and SWEATING... He says " I think I did a bad thing...." I said OH NO we do NOT need a porshe... whatever the cost was on Ebay you do not need one. "No, come look at this boat, it's the one I bid on before... he accepted the offer, way less than I though he would". Turns out he is a 25 year old mortgage broker, so he was making a TON of money, bought way to many toys and is selling them off one at a time to make his house payments now, he was holding on to his boat hoping he could keep it. So Thomas went out this weeked to buy the boat. We are so totally set for fun on the lake. I can't wait for next summer. I also have thought it would be fun to go out this winter sometime and just be out with sweatshirts on. Who wants to come join us?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Teeth... are you kidding me?!?

Today Jonathan was not his usual happy self for Grandma W. She decided to wash her hands and stick her finger in and check his gums... hmmm something poking her. When I got home from work she told me she thought Jonathan was working on a tooth... well I didn't believe her so I had a little feel and I got poked! When I looked in his mouth he has the bottom TWO poking up, no wonder crabby Bob has been visiting a little more often, poor baby! He is always a little drooly so I didn't think anything of that and he has been chewing on things since he could control his hands enough to get them to his mouth. I can't believe my little baby is growing up so fast! He is also sitting up really well this week and getting up on his knees and elbows. I am definitely not ready for that!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

adventures in solids

Strained peas anyone? :0)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Jonathan had his 6 month dr appointment yesterday. He weighs 16lbs and 13 oz and is 27 and 1/2 inches long. He is still in the 50th percentile for height and weight. He did really great through the whole exam but he wanted to touch all of the doctors tools so bad... she did let him hold the tongue depressor to keep him occupied. He did awesome with his shots. I had his pipie and lovie ready to go. He got really red in the face but then we told him what a good job he did and how brave he was and the dimps were back. :0) Yesteday afternoon and evening Jonathan decided to leave and "crabby bob" came over. not so fun. Thomas was gone at a golf tournament and Roxy started doing this coughing thing... I hate when she does that... this time it was extreme. Finally late last night when she was coughing in her crate we called the vet. Thomas talked to him and he suggested we try cough syrup. So while Jonathan is sleeping, we are up with the DOG!! poor Roxy... So today Jonathan is back to his happy little self and "crabby-bob" has left again but Roxy is still coughing.hmmmm. Hopefully we can all get a little more sleep tonight!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

6 months old

Wow... it is hard to believe that Jonathan has been around for half a year! It sounds silly but it is hard to remember life with out him. Friday night was a good example.... Thomas and I used to go out every- once in a while..... we were all in bed before 8:00... ha ha. He brings us so much joy we wouldn't trade him for anything!
Here are some of his latest tricks:
He is grabby- he loves to feel different textures and he loves to find "tags" on his toys, blankies, clothes any thing!
He can roll and he is discovering that it can get him places. He is pretty hesitant at home with the laminate floors but he loves to find the chair legs at grandma's house to suck on them.
He loves to jump... he will bounce in his jumperoo and laugh until he is so tired he can't take it anymore.
He loves to be outside... he goes on stroller rides almost everyday with the Grandmas.
He is just starting to figure out how to sit up... but he is still wobbly.
He giggles and shreiks when he is happy and when you tickle him.
He loves Roxy... she is patient enough to be still and let him pet her or her to give him gentle kisses. You all know Duncan is an INSANE kisser.... so we don't let him lick too much, so he could care less. He laughs at the dogs when they are playing.
He is ALL boy, he does this "bulldozer" thing where he puts his head down and pushes his knees up to run into Thomas and I or a stuffed animal. He makes growling noises and he loves to wrestle and attack with "kisses".
He kisses the "baby in the mirror".
He is a good sleeper... he does fight it sometimes for naps, he rarely cries but when he does... he rages like his arm is broken or something is REALLY wrong (it freaks out me, Thomas, grandmas, Auntie Kaitlyn....). But eventually those little red eyes close and he is a little sleeping angel.
He is a great eater! So far he has had rice cereal carrots and banana. He has no problem switching back and forth with a bottle.
He is growing more brown hair but he is still basically bald. So far the blue eyes are staying..... I think those dimps and blue eyes will help him get away with ANYTHING!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Since I have a minute to spare...

Since Faithy tagged me and I have a minute to spare....
Here are the rules of the tag:
- Go to your Pictures folder
- Go to the 6 th folder- Go to the 6 th picture
- Publish it to a new post and tell the story of the picture.

I thought it was funny that this was a picture that she had taken... how did she know?!? It's amazing to think that the little baby that was growing inside of me is sleeping in his crib as a big 6 month old! Taking belly pictures was so much fun. :0) Time flies... Enjoy each and every day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The weekend

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. Friday night we had dinner with my mom and dad and Alyssa and Jay at El Charo. They didn't ask if Jonathan wanted a kid's menu. (it always makes us laugh when people ask us that... um no he doesn't want any chicken nuggets yet... he doesn't have any TEETH!) Saturday Thomas had sales meeting so Jonathan and I pretend slept in until 8:00, I love it when he does that . (pretend sleep in means that we were up at 5 and 7 to eat with only a little bit of awake time in between). Then we headed over to Faithy for some 6 month old pictures. Thank goodness her little girl Hope was there to get him to smile all Faith and I were getting was a tounge sticking out at us. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Today was church, dinner and naps! Saturday night Jonathan didn't sleep too well, we think he might have been too chilly. Tonight he has a beanie on like when he was a newborn... we'll see if it helps. :0)
Helping momma make pancakes

A little morning reading in the laundry basket.
Trying to keep cereal from getting ALL over... he looks like he's getting his hair cut.