Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can you tell Thomas and Jonathan are napping...

While the boys nap here are some photos of our "DeYoung" (my mom's side of the family) Christmas party.

Another first

Today was the bubby's first time to go thrift shopping. If you know me you know I have been going thrift shopping since I was in elemetary school... and when it was really cool in junior high.... I LOVE IT. I think that is why I like stores like Ross and Marshalls so much. Bargains galore. My mom and Alyssa and I went out this morning to one of our newest favorites in Pomona. We met my Aunt and cousin there (a tradition) and had a yummy lunch with cookies and tea at their house when we were done. We also sit around and show off all of our deals. Jonathan did great. He stayed in the stroller the whole time... didn't touch anything or stick anything in his mouth (EWW germs!!!) and the only tragedy was dropping his lovey which thankfully he didn't need. He was a real trooper! We will have to go again soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

7 and 8 months

7 months old

8 months old

Since things have been so busy with the holidays and kindergarten I am majorly behind in blogging... We had a great thanksgiving... wow was that a whole month ago.... anyways we are so looking forward to Christmas... only a few days now....ANYSHMOOO.... Here is a little update on Jonathan Bean as he recently celebrated his eight month birthday.

He is very funny. He loves to squinch his eyes to flirt. He goes from laying down to sitting very well. He has mastered the scooting "army crawl" which he uses on our floors but once his is on real carpet he crawls. He loves things that are not for babies, keys, cell phones, cords, chair legs... and so on. He has started pulling himself up to stand by things. His favorite place to do this is in his crib at night. He thinks it is so funny... not so much when he bonks his head and cuts his lip (like he did a few nights ago... very sad!). He has graduated from the baby tub in the real tub to just the real tub. He thought it was really fun to pull himself up in that so now he is a little more cautious. His Bumbo has also made its way into the garage. He doesn't spend time in the swing either. It is amazing to think that they only use those kind of things for a few short months but they make live so much easier! He loves to eat cheerios, some days I think he might turn into one. I haven't found anything that he won't eat so far.... He likes to chew on his sippy cup but doesn't really get it yet. He loves his dogs and has fun playing with their tags. They are very patient with him but they do LICK which makes me a little crazy. Overall he is a very happy baby. He makes everyday a new fun adventure!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jonathan's First Trip to the Zoo

Ready to go in.
Eating breakfast with the orangutan. When Thomas was at SDSU he spent many hours observing these guys for a class and they love to come and see babies.... this one would have really liked some strained pears.

This is pretty much what he did the whole time..... looked and smiled at all of the people instead of the animals.
The big gorillas.

Thomas and Jonathan after a little "snack" for Jonathan (the elephants are in the background).

Ready for the bus ride.
We had a great time at the zoo and can't wait to go back another time.... maybe we will hit up the wild animal park next because we have passes and it is much closer. I think this was the first time I went to the Zoo where Thomas and I didn't get "stuck" at the bottom of some hill and spend the whole day walking up hills, we were very careful to look at the map since we had a stroller to push around. :0)

Weekend in San Diego

We were feeling a little "caged in"

And my partner teacher surprised me with an early Christmas present... Saturday night at the Manchester Hyatt in SD. So we packed up all of our yellow and gold gear (to support the Chargers at all times) and drove down to San Diego Saturday afternoon.First stay in a hotel room.. The beautiful view from our room.... down there is Sea Port Village where we walked around looking for a place for an early dinner but didn't find anything. So we bundled up little man and drove over to OB for the Christmas parade. Thomas lived in OB when we were down there for school so we love to go back and visit. The parade has gotton longer and longer every year.... after an hour and 45 minutes we decided we were paraded out but we had a great time with Grandma W. We walked back to the car (which we were able to park in Thomas' aunt and uncle's driveway other wise we would have had a much longer walk.) and drove around trying to find dinner...

This truck was entered in the parade because some kids covered it in magnets because they wanted to be in the parade. That's what the OB parade is like... a bunch of people who just want to have fun.... they even have a group that is a float just dedicated to those who want to be in a parade and anyone can join as the parade goes along...
Jonathan got all tuckerd out by the end
Since we knew pip- squeak would not be good with any form of a resturant for dinner we just got pic up stics and enjoyed it in the car... he was sleeping in the backseat while we ate in the parking lot... :0) Thomas found extraordinary desserts ( a place that has YUMMY desserts that we found last time we were down there) so he ran in and picked up two desserts that we enjoyed at our hotel room.
Even though the room was really dark and the bed was really cozy Jonathan didn't think he needed to "sleep in " in his pac n play. So we were up and ready for the zoo on Sunday!

He enjoyed being big and taking a bath in a real tub.