Friday, June 4, 2010

baby O the dos

No pictures since I am not quite sure how to get the memory card out of my new fancy pants camera (and I don't want to hurt it). :0). I thought since we pretty much started this blog while expecting Jonathan to arrive I should give baby O the dos a little attention too. I am mostly writing this for me because I will get it in a baby book one day but I don't want to start one now because of moving. So since blogger won't lose anything here we go!
I was pretty sick the first part of my pregnancy ( I am still taking B6 regularly since I know it has helped me)... everything was opposite for me... I craved fast food and could have sworn that I was having a girl. When we had our ultrasound I measured bigger than I was (19.5 weeks) and it was very clear that we were having another boy. I was SUPER excited. I know I will probably be going crazy for a good long time trying to raise two boys but the days will always be filled with adventures. During the ultrasound he was super calm and the tech was able to get all of her measurements really quickly... wow has that changed! My next OB appointment she had to chase him around to find a heartbeat since he was moving around so much! Since then he has been on the move non stop! I definitely feel him more than I did with Jonathan and he really lets me know what he wants! Anytime I start to get just a little bit hungry he starts to kick like crazy... even if I am sleeping in the middle of the night it is like he will wake me up for a little snack! He also lets me know if he would like me to change positions and lets me know if I am squishing him....whenever I lean across a table to help one of my first graders it is like he starts pushing me to sit up straight. It is also very common for him to kick Jonathan when I am holding him on my lap. Yesterday he did some major moving and it honestly felt like contractions.... my belly got super hard! I think he might have been flipping over... if he has decided to stay head down hopefully he stays that way. I have mostly been able to wear my regular clothes (I really did not think that would happen the second time around) but now maternity pants are becoming a must. I am to the point where people were starting to wonder....I don't just look bloated anymore (as one of my first graders said "my brother thought you were pregnant... you are getting pretty fat!") My cravings now have switched to creamy things.... and I can't get enough fruit... or cold things (fruit popsicles mmmmm)... and rather than wine this time I really want a good margarita... the other night I made one with club soda and it was ok.... not the same though. :0) I am really looking forward to getting the packing and moving thing done so I can focus on getting ready for this little one to arrive. I am looking forward to setting up the nursery again but am overwhelmed to try to pick things now. I sorted out all of Jonathan's clothes and I can't quite believe that this baby will really start out so tiny! As far as the name goes we have a pretty good idea but are still not 100% so we are waiting to tell everyone... but if you ask Jonathan he might tell you. He is in love with the idea of a baby brother and often will share with him.... he usually accomplishes this by shoving something down my shirt: a book, his pipie, lovey or he likes to stick food in my belly button (which is BARELY still there). It has been fun to see how much he loves "tiny baby cupcake". Baby O the dos we can't wait to meet you... but we still have a lot to do to get ready. I hope you are baking well and please don't make me too hot or make my ankles swell too much this summer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day

So I am crazy behind on this thing... no excuses.... just life! I am fully enjoying all of my time home with Jonathan and the being prego thing wears me out so I usually take a nap when he does and working on the computer typically doesn't work when he is awake so the blog has been seriously neglected....

Since it is overwhelming me to try to catch up... I'm not going to! I do want to give a shout out to Thomas for Mother's day he got me a cool new camera... that I am totally clueless on how to use but I am loving trying to figure out! :0) It was a fun gift to find hiding in the closet!

Memorial Day always reminds me of the time 7 years ago when we came "home" from San Diego to look for houses. It is when we put the offer on our first home in Beaumont. We were so excited to drive through this cute town and see all the Cherry Festival signs. I was so scared! We weren't even married yet and here we were buying a house! That is like mega grown- up stuff. Two years later we were selling our house and packing to move to our current home with a nice little profit in our pockets. We thought we would live here until we were nearing retirement age. Three short years later we were moving things out to a new vacation home in Havasu with a tiny little newborn. Now we are busy packing again and getting ready move next door... CRAZY! We would have never thought that seven years after taking that leap of faith we would be leaping again. God is so good and so faithful! He has guided our steps all along. While moving is super stressful the blessings of help are overwhelming as well.

So on to a new adventure! Next Memorial day will have 2 little boys at the bbq! Wow... I must say that I have told Thomas that we are going to stay put.... unless....... :0)