Monday, August 1, 2011

David 10 months

Time flies when you are having fun... so much for those weekly posts! I hope to do a post about what we have been up to this summer but more important is my sweet baby David!
I have worked on his (and Jonathan's) baby books this summer but I realized how much I relied on the blog to remember important things about JT so here we go!

At 10 months David now.....
95th% for head, 90th% for height and 45th for weight at his 9 month check. Since learning how to crawl our little chubsters has thinned out.
He can pull himself to standing and has bruised his cheek from falling down but he is getting much better at falling with grace. No standing alone but he is starting to cruise and stand by leaning on something.
David loves to play! Totally the opposite of Jonathan. He wakes up in the morning and starts to play with his blanket, stuffed animals or pulls the baby monitor into bed with him. More often than not that is the sound that wakes me up and not a crying baby. He adores being in the playroom and making little messes. He also enjoys playing in our little tikes garden or pool outside but HATES being on the grass. He is very happy being able to do his own thing and check things out.
He just cut his top left tooth and is a chewing, drooly monster! He has a harder time with teething than JT did and has had some nights where he cries in his sleep (but is not awake when I go check on him... poor buddy.)
We go on a walk everyday and he sings away or eats cheerios.
He says his own version of Hi when you say hi to him or when he wants your attention. He also makes a high pitched sound for yay! He also has an "I'm hungry" noise/ cry that he uses while pulling up on his highchair. (funny story the other night dinner was taking longer than I thought and he was on the brink of starvation pulling up on his highchair.... we were eating outside so Thomas took it out there... the TEARS!!! is no one going to feed me?) He also has the sweetest laugh.
He plays peek a boo and does "so big".
He hasn't met a food he doesn't like but when he is full he starts to fling it on the floor. He likes it much more when he eats bites of what we are eating, he just gets this pleased little look. He still nurses 3-4 times a day. He does not use a sippy cup well yet, mostly just to chew on.
He loves to wrestle Jonathan and I have to tell them both already to be gentle. He is generally very easy going but can be a little stubborn and throws a little fit if I tell him no (like tears streaming down his face yelling at me for not letting him play with an electrical outlet).
I rock him for his morning nap while reading him and JT stories, I snuggle him on the couch for his afternoon nap and at night time he goes to bed after a bath and nursing.