Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Photographs May 22nd

I love how it seems like Davers is getting strangled a little so he is punching Jonathan.... how can you resist those smiles.

8 months

3yrs 1 month

Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday photographs May 15th

Not so sure about cooperating for pictures

Started out as "give your brother a kiss and turned into a little nibble".... poor Davers.

I saw this on another blog and thought it was such a cute idea. I have been taking pictures of the boys almost every Sunday but haven't got around to posting them. Even though it seems crazy we actually have time before church to take pictures.

David at 8 months

In two days David will be 8 months... how can that be??
He is at my favorite "baby age". It is nice that he isn't at the overwhelming infant stage but he isn't all over the place yet either. He got his first two teeth on the bottom at the same time about 3 weeks ago. He can sit quite well and goes to his tummy or back with a little bit of control now. He has been rolling all over the place and scoots himself backwards. I can tell he is getting ready to move forward soon because he is getting frustrated backing into and under the couch! Davers LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat... he nurses around 4 times a day and enjoys 3 food meals and snacks. I have started mashing up some of his veggies instead of grinding them up and he has done great. He likes to gum cheerios and little bits of bread. He definitely has the chewing motion down pat for eating. He does his "ho ho" voice to mean he is hungry and a happy little chuckle anytime I give him the tiniest taste of what we are eating. He takes two pretty consistent naps everyday and sometimes an evening one depending on how the earlier ones went or how busy the day was. I always rock him for his naps and just lay him in bed at bedtime after his bath. He loves the water baths are his favorite and even the freezing lake or pool have been fun to splash in. David has been our little chunky chubster and even though he is still pretty rolly with all of his moving around he is starting to thin out a little and actually get a neck. He loves to sit and play with toys (VERY unlike Jonathan at this age) and he really likes being in the swing in the backyard. Overall Davers is a very happy/ chill baby. He is pretty go with the flow as long as he is fed and not too tired. He is a snuggle bug who gives the best little hugs. He also talks a lot. I swear he says hi... so I think I could count that as his first word. It is so fun to have little conversations with him.

Jonathan is 3

I totally realize I am now nearly a month behind on this post but better late than never! It is hard to believe that our sweet little Jonathan Bean is now 3 years old. Here are some of the things he is up to lately.

  • For his birthday he wanted a motorcycle birthday. We had a "small" family party that grew and grew. His favorite part was the motorcycle cake that Auntie Kaitlyn made. It was a pretty hot day and at one point he disappeared for a moment to return in swim clothes... he got out his pool and all the cousins got in with their clothes on! He asked and asked for a swing set. He got one and we set it up during his nap. When he was up from his nap we got ready to take him out and I asked him what his big present could be in the backyard... his answer... a very excited "POOL"!hmmm... sorry buddy its the swing set you asked for for months.

  • He is pretty much potty trained and only wears a pull up for night-time (he was wearing them for naps for a while but not any more).

  • Speaking of naps he still takes a nap everyday. Without one he is a teary mess at 6:00.

  • He sleeps every night with Soft Lovey and every night Soft Lovey pushes his pillow off the bed and he has to come out to tell us and put the pillow back on his bed. He has been without a pipie for quite a while now and it seems strange to think that there was time he couldn't sleep without one.

  • He goes to a Sunday school class" frogs" upstairs at church instead of going to nursery... after a rocky start he is pretty independent going in.

  • Nearly all of his meltdowns during the day can be quickly turned around with a stick of string cheese. His favorite lunch is flat bread with hummus.

  • This kid LOVES himself some Frugos and hot-dogs. I think if he had it his way that would be all he eats.

  • When we go out to eat he orders for himself.

  • He can sing the ABCs and recognizes quite a few letters and knows almost all his sounds.

  • His favorite toy lately: a dog leash - he uses it to tie down stuff in the back of his truck, water ski behind a pretend boat, chase down the dogs to try to take them on a walk (he never has...), or he tries to convince any willing participant to be the dog, he also enjoys tying people up (pooooor Davers...), he was also towed on his bike a few times by the neighbor or me.

  • He loves books and has memorized quite a few to read back. He loves to be read to and read by himself in his room.

  • When I ask him favorites this is what he tells me: color-sparkle, place - Beaumont, person - mommy and my favorite boys are David and daddy, book-Color ABCs, job - working with daddy on the plants, food- pasta, movie-chicka chicka boom boom

  • He LOVES Thursday when he gets to see the trash truck.

  • He LOVES LOVES LOVES to go out to Havasu and go on the boat. Even if it is just in the garage.

  • He has a pretty big vocabulary for such a little guy and is constantly surprising us with his logic.

  • Whenever I ask him what he would like to do he always says stay home and play. He has become much more into playing. I love watching him in the backyard and in his playroom.

Everyday is an adventure with Jonathan. He is such a smart boy who is constantly making us laugh and wonder how we are so lucky to be his parents and watch him grow up. Sometimes I wish I could pause time. While the adventures can be exhausting it is just so much fun. I LOVE this age :0).