Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend in Havasu

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend in Havasu with the Pensak Fam. We drove out Friday after we got off work. Jonathan did great and woke up just as we were getting into town. We put together the crib for Miss Aubree and got everything ready for the lake on Saturday, we figured since the kids would be up early we would be up early enough for a busy holiday weekend. WRONG!! we drove out to Cat Tail's launch ramp at what we thought was an early 7:30 (which I thought we did great considering we had three little kiddos with us). Thomas totally thought it would be our "ace in the hole". Apparently that is only true if you get there at 5:00 in the morning. We pulled up to a full lot and checked out another launch ramp that was also full. We ended up finding a public launch ramp near the dam and were able to get parking and on the lake. We had a super fun day even though we didn't find any real beach. We got back to the house took showers and went to Red Robin for dinner. JT shared his first kid's meal with Aubree. :0) We made a plan for Sunday for Thomas and Brad to get up at 5:00 go and launch the boat and Charlee and I would follow with the kids later when they were all ready. Well Thomas opening the door to the bathroom woke up JT who woke up Breven who had to tell Brad and Charlee that Jonathan was up and woke them up with Aubree. Since we were all up we were out on the lake a little before six and were able to launch at Windsor even though there was already a line! We discovered that the "trick" is to go down early and just get a parking spot then launch whenever the rest of your group comes. Now we know! Again we never really found a beach to set up at but it worked out fine since Aubree doesn't really like the water splashing her and prefers the boat and Jonathan just tries to eat rocks the whole time! Breven is cool with swimming wherever we can so we mostly hung out on the boat. We had dinner at the house and then went to go walk down by the channel. I am so glad we don't go to Havasu to be a part of the "Party scene". It was pretty crazy down there and we went back home to get the babies in bed and enjoy some dessert. We also took a few spins on the golf cart. On Monday we went out to the lake again and had fun for a few more hours before going back to the house to clean up and pack up. Breven was brave and went on the tube with me... so FUN!! :0) The ride home went great until we got stuck by the Cabazon outlets for about an hour!!!!! booo traffic. Here are some pics of our fun times!
The Pensak fam...
Breven doesn't pose for pictures so we were able to catch him by telling him to make faces for Jonathan.

Aubree trying to get out of the water and Jonathan lounging and kicking.

Training to be the flag man, he must have taken out his pipie to yell "down"!

Enjoying digging in the sand... with pipie so he doesn't eat it.

crazy sunscreen mohawk

The boys on the golf cart... the trade for the old boat. ( we think we passed the place where they were filming the movie.... and we drove passed the house of the guy we traded with and he had a new boat so who knows where our old Banana boat is now!)

Cool dude with his new shades

Sunday, May 17, 2009

some random pics from the past two weekends

Last weekend on Saturday night my fam came over for a quick BBQ... Jonathan bean needed a little entertaining so Alyssa joined him in his empty pool with some toys...
I got this cute lil sprinkler for 2 dollars at the Wal Mart in Havasu ( I mean really what kid is gonna play outside in Havasu. In summer. In their front yard. That is gravel. seriously.) Jonathan Bean loves it and most days he ends up getting his clothes sopping wet one way or another.

The other morning he was enjoying some snacks and milk in his little garden before I went to work. He just looked so big to me so I had to snap a pic.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party Aubree and Brevan.... JT did not get an afternoon nap and fell asleep while playing in the swing... poor baby...
His latest tricks are cutting molars, trying to eat with a fork or spoon, only nursing once a day, eating like a maniac, getting a little more demanding (like yelling at you if he doesn't get what he wants), getting so tired at bed an nap time that he gets these delirious giggles that are sooo funny and cute but turn quickly into exhausted crying, and WALKING.... he is doing so many big boy things!
As for me school is winding down and there is so much work to do before the end.... especially with switching to part time next year. I have about a million feelings about all of this.... OK enough... I don't want to get emotional so that s all I will say.
We are looking forward to heading out to Havasu more for summer! new adventures to come!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1st Haircut and first sucker.

Since my bald baby is sporting a bit of a mullet we decided it was time for a trim. It was growing over his collar so the time had come. I have been hoping for some curls but I don't think that is going to happen. My mom did the honors and it turned out great considering he did not stay still at all.
Thomas took two videos of the process. One before the sucker (we thought noodles would work) and one after the sucker... sucess!!! SO I definitly get the mother of the year award... his first sucker as bribery to do something! and then he ate some brownies and icecream with Thomas. Guess I should call him my sugar baby now! (But I learned my lesson about the suckers... I may have to bust one out next time he has to be still... maybe at the doctors office.... "yes doctor I give my kid a sucker when I want him to do something"... :0) )

Holland Festival

This weekend was the Holland Festival. Jonathan had a great time riding around in the stoller and watching all of the people with his little dutch slippers on. He also enjoyed frut salad, most of my ham bun, some cheese and raisin toast, a little pea soup and of course ollie bollen. Way more fun than last year when he slept in the sling the whole time!


Here is Jonathan's first taste of sphaghetti... he is a big fan and would even suck up the noodles. He was such a saucy mess that he went straight into the bath!

Scuba Steve

We think these Jammies make Jonathan look like a little scuba diver.... they are so tight.... Kid's clothing sizes can be so confusing... another pair this same size are totally ginormous on him.