Friday, January 15, 2010


My very first blog award. Wow! I am so honored :0)
Thank you Krista for my award.
Along with accepting the award, I am supposed to reveal 7 random things about myself to you, and nominate 7 other bloggers for the award. So, here we go!

1. I teach first grade now. I REALLY miss teaching kindergarten sometimes. I love my part time schedule but there is nothing quite like kindergartners and having a partner teacher to share the days with. I do love seeing how much first graders learn... but as their teacher that means ALOT of work. Kinders were alot of work too but they always made me laugh everyday! I am slowly becoming a first grade teacher though.

2. I love to clean bathrooms.... is that weird? I hate to dust. I think it is because I like to clean with a wet rag with some type of bleach cleaner... it makes me feel like I am getting things really clean. Plus I am thankful every time I do it that I am only cleaning my own families nasties and not other peoples (like when I worked for the chiropractor who also had someone who did colon hydrotherapy... yeah that was a NASTY bathroom to clean!)

3. I am addicted to the Real Housewives. Don't care where they are from I love them all I do have to say the Orange County girls are my fav.... because I think they are the most real.... except for their boobs of course. Real Housewives and Top Model are my top two shows of all time.

4. My favorite color is red. My car is red. My phone is red. My snowboarding jacket is red. My bedroom is decorated with red. The rugs in my kitchen are red. I want a red washer and dryer. We picked our boat because it had red in the flames.

5. I don't drink soda.... I don't really like it that much. Once in a while I will have a coke but maybe only 3 or 4 times a year. Since I don't drink coffee either I am pretty sensitive to caffeine. If I want to be SUPER productive I just need one soda or a tall size from starbucks and I am GOOD TO GO all day long!

6. When I found out I was having a boy (Jonathan) I cried. My reasoning: I wasn't mean enough to be a hockey mom AND I didn't want to be the mother of the groom because she never matches the wedding! I know.... silly and emotional. I blame it on pregnancy hormones. Now I can't imagine anything else. Watch our hockey moms!!! I am coming! And I am going to rock it at JTs wedding. I will be a cute MOG.

7. wow 7 things is hard. ummm. I married my high school sweetheart. I always used to think that was the lamest thing! SOOO dorky to marry your high school sweetheart. I can't imagine it any other way now! I am so thankful that I have gotten to spend as much time as I have getting to know Thomas more and more everyday and make memories together. I know I love him more all the time.

K now for 7 people I nominate. I don't even think 7 people will read this blog! But here goes nothing:
The Hekman family
The Oates family
The DeWeerd family
The Jenkins family
The Leonard family
The Pensak family
*** and Faithy's photography blog..... told you I don't know very many people!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

June Mountain

- Family photo op..

Last year JT was asleep in the carseat for this photo


mom and Bubs

Playing in one of our forts upstairs.

We arrived in June after driving for a very long time. We were happy to be back in some California sunshine even though there was still snow on the ground. Alyssa and Jay found this great condo/cabin for us to stay in. The best place yet! We had fun celebrating New Years and watching the ball drop in New York and then went to bed. We snowboarded, skied, hungout at the cabin, ate, played dominos, ate, read books, ate, watched tv and enjoyed being together as a family. We can't wait till JT can ski too! He loved the snow... cold... brr.... taste!

The drive

Here is some randomness about our drive:
  • I drove the first two hours and the last two hours. Thomas drove the rest.
  • The coldest our car thermometer read was -20. Didn't know it went into the negative.
  • At one point we did not see another car or sign for over an hour.
  • At one point it was foggy, snowy, curvy and just plain scary. I thought a pack of wolves was going to run out of the woods and attack us and Thomas thought we were going to be abducted by aliens.
  • We had visions of headlines "Family of 3 lost on a remote road in the snow... survives by eating cheerios from son's carseat for weeks!"

  • Changed a diaper while the car was still moving... and JT sort of in his car seat and I was leaning over the backseat... but we were safe and put the flashers on!
  • Got hit in the head more than once by "pipie"
  • Stopped to play at a Mc Donalds playground but it was too cold to even stand in.
  • Drove through the desert and there was snow.
  • We had an awesome drive the whole way Home to Utah. Utah to June. June back home. (1,678.8 total miles)

  • We passed the entrance to the Tonopah Missile Test Range! (Thomas' inner nerd thought this was cool!)