Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I took way too many pictures... so many that my camera battery died before the fun was over... oh well! This year we had lots of opportunities to celebrate. First up was my schools harvest carnival... no costumes, just prizes and face painting. Jonathan LOVED watching all the big kids play the games. We had our annual Hallo-wii party with our small group (even though we never even turned on the wii). Jonathan kept asking if Thomas was going to dress up like a crazy person again. Last night we went to Trinity in the pass Halloween Happening at the school by our house. Tonight we went to visit my parents and then check out "trunk or treat" at the sports park. We trick-or-treated our cul-de-sac and have been spending the rest of night passing out candy to all the cute kids that come to our door.
Since we already had a monkey costume and Jonathan loves reading Curious George books I convinced him he could be the man with the yellow hat. David is pretty go with the flow so not much convincing there.

I dyed JT's outfit from some hand-me-down clothes. Spraypainted his hat that my mom found thrifting and a little felt tie inspired by a pattern on pinterest.

We looked for some brown boots but no luck.

The little monkey is just excited to experience some candy.

And of course when you get sick of taking pictures you climb up the slope to go exploring.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

So I took a zillion pictures at the patch! I will upload more to facebook... so check there if you are dying to see more pictures of pumpkins and my cute boys.

A couple of weekends ago we had a wedding to go to in the evening so Alyssa came out to watch the boys for us. We decided to go to the Greenspot pumpkin patch in the morning. It was perfect since the patch isn't great for stollers and David isn't great at walking all by himself. So we had three people to carry him. :0) They loved seeing all the animals and JT found hay and I found some corn to feed them. Then we hung out by a little play area for a while.... there is a little train there and let me tell you David LOVES LOVES LOVES to "drive" and was so happy to be at the steering wheel. We went through a little maze of bushes with Jonathan leading the way. At the end of that maze there is a little kids pumpkin patch. He had a great time gathering pumpkins to give to David who had a great time pushing them down the hill. One pumpkin went WAY down the hill and scared the horses down below and we had to stop that game. We sampled some honey at the honeyhouse and went on a tractor ride. Our little guide was pretty funny too. Then Jonathan picked out a pumpkin and I picked out a couple of avocados and we were on our way. We got there when it opened and basically had the place to ourselves. It was so much fun! While it is pretty exhausting at times it is fun to take the crazies places. They just get so excited about being outside and doing new things.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I am finally done with one of my little nap time craft projects. With a nice first grade class this year I haven't been spending my nap times catching up on school work leftover from my work week OR recovering and taking a nap myself!

I was inspired by Pinterest.... always makes me want to get my craft on... although I do admit I probably waste ALOT of time on there!

I started by making the strap cover... then making some little ribbon flowers with buttons. I only used supplies I had on hand. Today I finally got the whole thing put together! I even made a little pocket for the lens cover. Not too bad for someone who can't sew. :0)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Never laughed so hard in all my life!

So I hesitated to even post this.... be warned there are alot of cute baby buns coming up! Please don't think I am a neglectful mother. I promise the boys were only out of my sight long enough for me to put some face lotion on and throw my hair into a wet pony-tail. While I was in my bathroom I heard some serious baby giggles and Jonathan saying in a stern voice - DAAAABBBBBBERRRRRRS I need to change you, lay still coming from David's bedroom! I ran down the hall to see what was going on and when I realized I quick grabbed my camera.
Changing pad on the floor and one baby without a diaper. Fresh diaper prepped and ready. Big brother trying to wrangle one wiggly, giggly baby.
Big brother who claims his diaper was soggy so he is going to change it. (just so you don't think I am totally neglectful it was just changed , notice they are still in jammies)

Trying to lay him down on top of the diaper (again..... and I was no help because I was laughing hysterically)
Run away baby!
Chasing him down with the diaper.
Maybe putting it on this way will be easier!

I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end with these two. David had a smile and laughed the whole time! After the whole thing was over Jonathan asked me to thank him for being such a good helper! I just had to laugh and tell him it was very nice of him but I would change all the diapers from now on and he could really help me by picking up all the supplies he took out. Ay ya ya!


So since our goldfish went to go swim in the lake (aka got flushed down the toilet) we have had an empty fish tank in the shed. The other day Thomas noticed that our tomato plant (pretty much the only thing that grew in our garden this year) getting eaten by something. Turns our there were some huge tomato bugs on the attack. He captured them and put them into the tank. Jonathan has been faithfully feeding his pets by giving them fresh leaves and woodchips. He was actually pretty responsible about taking care of them! I found a grasshopper the other day and managed to catch it to add to the collection. It didn't stay to long and escaped (or got eaten) sometime during the night. It has been fun to have some little bug pets to watch!

I do have to say that the other day we had the chance to add another pet. We have had a lizard come into our house 3 times! I am pretty sure it is the same guy. 1st time - only in the garage and Thomas swept him out. 2nd time - in my LIVINGROOM and I had to call my dad while standing on a chair to come capture him. Totally freaked/grossed me out! 3rd time - laundry room - Thomas caught him and accidently cut off his tail ( I was gone at the time). I do hope my boys keep their creepy crawly collections to a few bugs.... I can handle that. The lizard on the other hand... I hope he learned his lesson and stays far far away!

Morning in the Bounce House

After David's party we still had the bounce house the next morning. So we had to jump in our jammies right?!

And again when David was up.

David at one year

weight - 20lbs

length 30 1/2 in

teeth - two on the top and two on the bottom. two side front teeth are poking in on each side of the top.

sleep - all night! and two naps during the day

eats - EvErYtHiNg. He is happiest when it is something he can do himself. Most mornings he eats cheerios and oatmeal with bananas.

nursing - down to morning and night with a bottle of milk mid-day. he does NOT want milk in a sippy from me but will take it in a bottle. he does NOT want milk in a bottle from grandma honey bunny but will take it in a sippy.

walking - not yet! he is a super star crawler and I think he has taken one independent step. He does walk around everything and stand for a few seconds. I think he might be scared of the hard ground!

words - yah, hi, and mama (in Davers talk :0) to anyonelse they sound like grunts). His most effective word is EHHHH while pointing/ grabbing at what he wants. he does babble alot.

He is a dancing machine... any music comes on and he is ready to rock out! so cute!

He gives the sweetest open mouth kisses.

David LOVES to wrestle his brother. Danger is his middle name. He is also very stealth when getting into things he shouldn't (like toilet water .... EW!)

His first birthday was fun but a little crazy. At JT's party it was nearly all babies who were barely walking... for David the bounce house was in full effect and kids were all over the place. He loved all the action and chowed down his cake.

My sweet David - you are getting too big too fast. I love watching you grow and change but please slow down! You are so much fun right now I want you to stay this age just a little longer! :0)