Monday, January 31, 2011

Its all fun and games till you want to get out.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This past week has been a whirlwind! Jonathan started out the week a little sick but mostly getting over it and since then David and I have picked it up.... boo for booger noses and sleepless nights. Hopefully we can all be over this soon! I have been working extra lately (to make sure our contract is 50/50 with our # of days). Had I realized I was pregnant when I made the schedule I would have spaced these days out a little bit! Thankfully Wednesday is the last one because it is the 100th day of school and all of the celebrating might do me in! I love teaching but we have a challenging class who almost had me in tears on Friday.
This crazy boy tried to split his lip open again. We were cleaning our windows on Saturday (which are getting rained on as I type. booo. ) and he was climbing on his lego tub in the playroom and fell. He has been drama lately! He also threw a mega fit every time I left for work this week.... I actually had to lock the garage door and push him into the house to get away while he was screaming. Poor grandma. He did calm down after a phone call to daddy. When he is not trying to injure himself or throwing a fit he is sooo funny and fun to be around. He amazes us daily with how smart he is! :0)
Yes I still swaddle him. He LOVES to be a snuggle bug at all times!

This little bug is just growing too fast! The other night I took out the next box of clothes from Jonathan. I put David into some jammies that were 9 months size. I remember Jonathan crawling around the floor in them... David doesn't even roll yet! Maybe all that adorable chub has something to do with it. :0)

And just in case you were wondering about the denim background.... I washed the slipcover for the couch in the playroom and was drying it in the living room and thought it would make a fun background. I wanted to mess around with editing these pictures but I have homework folders to stuff so its not gonna happen tonight. :0)

Monday, January 24, 2011

splish splash two boys in the bath

It is a good thing they are soo cute! don't you just love the chub on David... and the string-beaness on Jonathan? (isn't his lip looking better??)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

David Lately

3 months
4 months
Mr. David is 4 months old already I realized I have been procrastinating on his 3 month post and a whole month flew by! He has changed so much. He started sleeping through the night around three months but since then has been waking up one time a night. He does go back to sleep easily and I don't might watching a few minutes of late night TV while I feed him (but I get sucked into the infomercials everytime! did you know they make a "baby bullet"? think magic bullet for baby food... yeah basically a food processor but I totally thought I needed one! :0) ) . He is a happy little guy who is very social. There are many times that he is in the bouncy seat on the ground fussing while we eat dinner and all it takes is moving him to the table so he feels like he is more in the action. He has been sitting in the bumbo or the exersaucer and we have even put him in the jumperoo a couple of times. He smiles all the times and even laughs a little bit. He likes to take stroller rides with Jonathan but HATES the wind (he just can't catch his breath). He loves when people talk to him and is quite the talker himself. He does still spit up all the time despite being on a perscription for Zantac. He sucks on his hands constantly and becomes quite the little drooler. Sometimes when he is on his playmat he will grab a toy and then fuss because he can't let go and I have to go rescue him! :0)

Jonathan lately

This picture pretty much sums up Jonathan from the past week. Last week he fell on the bathroom counter and split his lip. It was on one of my working nights and I was beyond tired on the couch. David had just gone to bed and Thomas was getting Jonathan to bed too. He was brushing his teeth, slipped on his step stool hitting the counter and his teeth made three holes on the inside of his lower lip and one went all the way through to the outside. After a relatively short 1 1/2 wait in urgent care the doctor glued him back together. A few days after that he developed a fever for 3 days that has transitioned into a cough and mega booger nose. The doctor checked him out and tested him for whooping cough because everything else seems normal. He spent a couple of nights sleeping in the office on the floor/ our bed and waking up too many times at night to keep track and some days even took two naps. He is finally starting to get his "sassyness" back but is no where near the usual JT. Despite everything he still says things that make me laugh... like sneezing out some mega slime and telling me "MY NOSE IS GETTING ME!!! HELLLLLPPPP MOMMY!!!" or sounding like a little piece of brocoli in the shower "I don't want to steam anymore, I am done! ".


So I could come up with a million excuses why I haven't kept up with this blog.... but I am starting to realize that time is not going to slow down and I REALLY want to remember this time. Its like the saying goes the days are long but the years fly by. So here's the deal: I am not going to worry if the events I post about were exciting enough or if the pictures are good enough (or even there), or if it has been too long, or if I have too many gramatical errors, or if no one even reads this.
here we go! :0)