Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I love being a teacher.....

Today was a super exciting day in Kindergarten. Not only did the kids play outside (we have had so many rainy/ wet/ too cold to play outside days in a row) but one of my little ones SPOKE!!! You may be wondering why this is a big deal but he came to my classroom this year only whispering and usually only one word that I ask him to repeat. Slowly we have worked him into two word responses and today I got to hear his REAL VOICE for the first time!!! He read a sentence to the class in his new voice and the rest of the kids started cheering and clapping. Happy day!! they sang to him. He had the biggest smile on his face. I cannot imagine having gone through the first half of kindergarten silent but not any more!! The joy on his face was indescribable! What a fun day!

Monday, January 28, 2008

25 Weeks

Ok..... I am just trying to get this all figured out and I am a little bit late. But hey what can I say! Here is my latest belly shot at 25 weeks. Everyone keeps asking how I am feeling and I have been feeling really good. If Isit on the floor with my kindergarteners it takes me a little longer than it used to to get up and bending over it getting a little tricky but other than that things have been going great! The baby furniture arrived last week so Thomas spent Saturday putting it together. I will post pictures of it soon. We spent MLK day in the painting "sweat shop", as Thomas called it, working on art work and letters for the room. In case you didn't know we decided on the name Jonathan Thomas. Jonathan is based off of John for Great Grandpa O, Great Grandpa DeWaard, my Dad and Thomas. And Thomas is for Thomas and his Dad. I also love the story from the bible of David and Jonathan's great friendship. So there you go and please (ahem Kaitlyn and Alyssa) hold back any comments about adding a Taylor in there. Yes at one time I did have an entire wall of my bedroom dedicated to Jonathan Taylor Thomas but I am not going to name my first born after him. And yes, now that I think of it I did have a wall dedicated to Jonathan Brandis. At least I know that my Jonanthan Thomas Odenbaugh will be just as cute if not cuter than they were!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Utah Was Beautiful!

We went to Brian Head for New Years! Leighann spent the long weekend in the condo scrapping and Thomas went snowboarding with the rest of the family. We stopped by Zion on the way up. It was beautiful. Here are a couple pics.