Tuesday, October 20, 2009

18 months!

Jonathan Bean is now 18 months. That is a year and a half. WOW. He are the things he is up to lately.

Sleeping - He sleeps between 12-13 hours each night. He usually goes to bed somewhere around 7ish and wakes up around 7ish. He only takes one nap and it is usually 1hr and a half.... sometimes a little more or less... He almost always sleeps longer when it it cool and cloudy outside.

Eating - As always he loves to eat but I do notice he has some days where he is more hungry than others. He doesn't really like meat too much. He LOVES fruit. He pretty much eats anything that we eat which is REALLY nice! :0) He likes to help me cook and sample along with me as we go. One of his favs is drinking a little bit of buttermilk after I make pancakes (ew!).

At his Dr.s Appointment he had finally gained some weight and was up to 24 pounds. He moved up to the 25th percentile out of the 5th.

Words - He is mimicing more and more words lately and the list is growing all the time.

  • Momma/ Dadde/ Ma (sometimes with a little grunt) for grandma/ Pa (for Grandpa)/ M (for thier dog Emma)/ Jay (sounds a little like day) everyonce in a while we get a lys (for Alyssa) and a BIG fat smile for Kaitlyn (but he won't say it) He says dg (dog for Duncan and Roxy or he just says no no and shakes a finger at them)

  • Milk/ Juice/ cracker/ cookie/ canne (candy - I have him thinking fruit snacks are candy but he does love him some candy!)/ bi (bite) mo (more) and the funny thing is when I ask him to say please he does the baby sign for more. He also puts his hands together and up to his eyes to "pray" when he wants to eat. When we were at the zoo he sat down at one of the kid's tables and started to pray... soooo cute!

  • No and no no. He also shakes his head no. ALOT. Sometimes I get a yea out of him but he usually does this little grunt instead (like a little caveman)

  • Ni Ni (for night night)/ Bath/ Boat (he says it everytime he sees one)/ grass/ boop (poop)/trash (he LOVES to pick up and throw away trash) /Blue /bi (bike)

  • Lots of animal sounds (my favs are the snake ssss or bunny - he scrunches his nose and sniffs)

  • Out/ on/ off /outside (mosty all /o/)

He loves to play outside and one of is new things is playdough. He loves to do crafts (like painting or coloring). He love to help me bake and cook things.

He is a climber he is constantly climbling on somthing. He is still not that in to toys and likes to play with real things like the vaccum, i pod, remote, Thomas' blackberry....

He is a joy and a little love!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blue Playdough

The other day at the library's children's program Jonathan was "accidentally" introduced to playdough. My mom and I usually stay away from the playdough table whenever we take him because we know that it would probably get eaten and become a huge mess. Well I was there with him and we were sitting at the table during the story time and when the story was over the playdough came out and there we were. He of course put it straight to his mouth and would not listen to his momma telling him not to eat it but he would listen to Miss Nancy telling him to leave it on the table (I can't believe that he already listens to a "teacher" better than me! sigh. ) and he had a blast so yesterday we made some playdough. It was way easier to make one batch than the 6 batches I used to make for the kindergarteners!
He helped mix all the ingredients.

I let him pick the color and he picked blue.

Then I cooked it on the stove. You may be able to see him in the background trying to feed his pumpkin (that he carries all over the place and ocasionally chews on) to Duncan.
All set to play outside. I didn't want to clean up to playdough inside. Not one piece went in his mouth! He actually played for about 5 minutes! so fun.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It has been feeling more and more like fall around here. I decided to tie on my apron and put Jonathan in one of his own ( a dish towel) and bake some cookies. He had a great time dumping in all of the ingredients. And eating some of the flour that we spilled. Once we got the cookies one the cookie sheet he couldn't resist. I guess he knew the final product wasn't going to turn out. Our poor cookies totally fell apart. I tried putting some carmel bits in them that I had in my pantry but they melted to the pan and would not come off easily. So basically we ended up making cookie crumbs but we still had fun!

Reading in the Train

The other morning I got a couple of pictures of Jonathan reading books in his train. I finally cleaned out the guest bedroom the day before and found his train stashed in there. He was happy to play with it again (sometimes I think I need to rotate his toys a little more). He also LOVES books. Good thing I love children's books too. :0) It was so fun to hear him reading in there.