Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day with Grandpa

Today my dad called in sick and watched Jonathan. He took him to a baby shower at his work and Jonathan came home with this little souvenir! I think they had a great day together!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

9 month old photos on his 10 month birthday

Since her photo assistant was at work ( aka kindergarten) we couldn't get Jonathan Bean to give us any major smiles. I still LOVE these pics! the crying one looks just like Thomas when he was little.... Thanks Faithy. :0)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Video from Havasu

Jonathan was so excited to be "driving" the boat this time.... we had SOOO much fun! Ignore the fact that Thomas is smiling for a picture.... he thought I was taking one when I was really taking a video. :0) The ducks were soooo starving. We fed them half a box of stale cheese crackers. I'll try to post some other pictures too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 months

My Jonathan Bean is 10 months old already... I went to get his 9 month pictures taken with Faithy yesterday... oops mother of the year... anyways... here are some of his new things:
* He still LOVES to eat... his favs right now are canned green beans, cheese, yogurt, peaches, bananas, sweet potatos, chicken, (teeny tiny bites of fro yo and icecream), kix, puffs, lint from the floor... anything he can do himself
* Grandma W got him these little snack cups that have a star shape cut in the top so he can put his finger in get out a snack and not spill all over. Well.... he likes to bite the lid off and spread them on the floor or poke his finger in to hold it open and then dump them on the floor.
* He is in love with bath time. I have started letting him crawl from the Nursery nudie to the tub and he thinks he is hot stuff. After his bath he gets his teeth brushed.
*Still only 2 bottom teeth... no sign of the others yet
*He pulls himself up onto anything he can get his little fingers on.
*He babbles a little more often now but mama, dada, puh puh, and baba still don't have any real connection for him.
* He takes 2 naps a day and needs to be rocked to sleep... at night he wants nothing to do with me.... I just put him in bed and he crashes.
* He is still obsessed with anything digital or "not for babies"
* His new favorite pastime is playing with Roomba, although he has started to pick it up so I don't thing this one will continue......
* He also LOVES to pull up the transition pieces of our floor, apparently construction adhesive is no match for him. This makes Thomas CRAZY!!! :0)
* He has discovered the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen so we are slowly putting on locks as we need to since both since they drive Thomas and I nuts. I swear I hurt my fingers more than Jonathan would if we just left them alone.
He is just a fun and sweet little boy... we love to watch him grow and change more and more everyday!

Utah Visit

So like I said in my last post Kathy and Kasandra came out to visit for the weekend. We had a great time hanging out, playing wii and relaxing as a family.

Sweet Antonette helping me cook in the kitchen.... I LOVE this little girl.... I wish she could come up everyday to help me cook. The kindegarten teacher in me came out and she took everyone's lunch orders... so cute! (and she made tally marks)
Kasandra so thrilled to be missing a party in Utah to hang out with Jonathan and the dogs.
Great Grandpa and Grandma....
Guitar Hero in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Jonathan hassling Kasandra for her phone.... :0)


For Valentines Thomas made reservations for us at Sevilla in Riverside. I was so excited to go and eat some yummy food and see the show. I always wanted to go to the one in San Diego when we lived down there since one of my roomies who had been to Spain thought it was really fun. Well we never went... a couple years ago when we were down there for a trip Thomas called to make a reservation but didn't quite understand the hold music and heard that it was a "topless bar" rather than a bar that served tapas so he hung up and said WE don't really want to go there... :0) I thought I was going on my 25th birthday but that was a big lie to pull off my surprise birthday..... SO for valentines Thomas' mom came out from Utah to watch JT and we had a great time!
Traditional pic...
A dark pic of the show... it really was so cool.
pretty dessert!
I also have a double chaise lounge in the garage that I am waiting to get put together so I can lounge around in the back yard. (for 2.5 seconds before I have to go get grass clippings out of JT's mouth ha ha )

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A good weekend and some new tricks

We had a good weekend. It was really nice to be mostly home and get caught up on some things. On Friday we cleaned up the casa... folded a mountain of laundry and went out to dinner with Alyssa and Mom at El Charo... yummmy! Saturday we were up early ( let me rephrase that... Jonathan was up early and so we were up early too. the whole "pretend sleeping in" thing works till about 6:30 now). Then we bundled up the bubby in his exersaucer and got to work on the yard. He also loved to sit on the blanket and pick grass to eat... yuck! We pulled weeds and pruned in the front and Thomas worked hard setting more of the block in place in the backyard. It was such a nice and sunny day after a cool morning that I ended up in a tank and shorts. JT took some great naps and we got alot accomplished... we are definitely sore today! On Saturday night my parents watched the bubby (sleep) and we went out to Palm Desert to celebrate Jeff's birthday. Sorry I took my camera but didn't take any pics. We got home from the festivities at one in the morning.... a good time with good food and lots of laughs but a late night for us (we are soooo old!). Today we went to church, dinner and then came home for naps and the superbowl. We were sad that the Chargers weren't playing.

On Saturday Jonathan was so funny. Grandma W told me that she thinks he is too strong for his age... well he showed me how he does a "pull up" on the kitchen table. He climbs up to the chair, stands up and then reaches up to the table and pulls his feet off the ground. Yikes! I have a climber in training. He also learned how much fun the Roomba is to play with. On Wednesday Grandpa O watched him and when I came home at lunch he told me how sore his knees were because they spent a good chunk of the morning crawling together after Roomba... Grandma let him turn it on and chase it on Friday. When it came on on Saturday his little eyes lit up and he started to chase it. Even putting both hands on it and "walking" behind it... silly boy. We got some fun videos but they are too long to post.
He loves to have his teeth brushed after his bath. He would always watch Thomas and I getting ready.... So I got him one for his two teeth.

Laundry is done!

** Another fun trick ( I want to post this one so I don't forget!). We still put him in his bouncy seat when we are getting ready some mornings even though he is way to big for it. Usually he just sits there and watches us but the other day he flipped himself over and was crawling around with it still strapped to him. He looked like a little turtle. Wish I had my camera handy for that one but I don't want to encourage him to repeat that little trick!.