Monday, September 29, 2008

Bad Blogger

So I am a bad blogger... sorry real life has been super busy this is the first time I have gotten a chance to sit down at the computer and have two hands available in a week! Havasu pics... I will take a bunch when we go this weekend to show all the progress we have made.

Alright last week... um... I have no memory of what happened... we worked. hmmm. yeah. THIS WEEKEND: Saturday am I went with JT to WalMart to do some shopping while Thomas went to Jason and Robin's house to do some slave labor (aka help them with their backyard. ;0) ) We were just hanging out in the afternoon when we got a phone call from Alyssa to say that she and Jay were engaged! So exciting. We all got together to celebrate, earlier in the day my mom finally got her new car ( a rav 4), ask her about it, she is super excited and it is well deserved after all those years driving THE van, the CAMRY and finally Monty the Montero. So here are some pics from dinner at BJs.

Cool story: the ring is from my Grandpa' DY "stuff" and Jay will wear his grandpa's ring.

Not a good pic of JT but a good one of his auntie Kaitlyn
Sunday we went to church and then to my folks for lunch. Later in the afternoon we were very sad to get a call and hear that Thomas' grandpa O had passed away. He is one of Jonathan's namesakes and never got to meet him. He was truly a great man and will be missed. The services will be on Friday....
This morning at 7: 46 am , 18 inches and 6 lbs 11 oz a new little pipsqueak was born to Jason and Robin. I would love to post her name but she is still just "baby girl". She is so beautiful. It is hard to believe that they start out so tiny. Momma is doing really great! I am so proud of her.

Jonathan is happy to have a new friend to play with some day!
Whew! I am ready for bed now...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love Kindergarten

So yesterday we were sitting at tables doing our work and one of my little guys was waiting for some of the others to finish their work. He was sitting with his hands like he was praying... the other kids asked him..."what are you doing??" He says "we just need to take some time everyday to praise God." I said that's right buddy we do. So sweet... I love kindergarten. I also have a kinder who has a black chihuahua. named Judas. made me laugh.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A great weekend!

This weekend we headed out to the house in Havasu. I didn't take a ton of pictures but I know my mom took more so I will try to post some more pics from her camera. We left on Friday after I got off work and Jonathan was super tired so he slept the whole way there, no stops! Once the bean was in bed Thomas and I got to work assembling the rest of the furniture. I am way thankful that I am so blessed and don't have to work assembling furniture all the time! Around midnight we heard a knock at the door. Kaitlyn, Alyssa and my mom and dad arrived. We woke up Saturday morning and got to work. We got the laundry hooked up (yeah! the washer and dryer out there is actually better than the ones I have here :0), the closet doors painted, the master bathroom is no longer purple and I got to decorate a bit, the guest bathroom has a new sink top and the ceiling is repaired and painted. All we have left to do is paint the guest bathroom the rest of the way and we are basically done and ready to chill out there! We do have a few little things to do and the tile in the master but the end is in sight. For dinner we went out to Mud sharks for salads and pizza (and beer. :0). It was super yummy after working so hard all day. This morning we got up and decided to play! We rented a boat and had a great time on the lake. It is so nice to have all the "gear" out there and not have to even think about packing it up each time. Kaitlyn, Alyssa and Thomas wake boarded. I skied for a little while and my Dad attempted skiing but it was pretty choppy. Jonathan had a blast with his aunties and grandma and grandpa and non stop attention. He was super tired again for the ride home and slept the whole way, I slept most of the way too so Thomas busted a move and we got home in 3 hours. It was only around 100 out there and the lake was pretty empty.... Good bye summer..... we will miss you! (But we do look forward to visiting the desert in the winter, it's pretty out there all year long!)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monkey man

We went to Old Navy tonite... to find Jonathan a halloween costume ( I know, I am ridiculous right?!?) We picked out this one, size 0-6 months thinking he will be around 6 months around halloween. It was a little snug on the pants. I think I need to get the next size up. My monkey is growing up so fast!

Oak Glen

So we had planned on going to the wild animal park again this weekend but when we looked at the weather report and thought hot baby+ hot day+ baby bjorn= not really that fun. We decided to go to the "wild animal park" in Oak Glen. I have so many great memories going up there as a kid. Walking through the museum, paying a quarter to see the animals, bringing our own corn to feed them, following the "bear tracks" up the hill, getting some candy at the little shop..... Well we didn't really want to pay 6 dollars to see the museum, or 10 dollars to see the animals (for those of you who haven't been there before think rabbits and goats) and the bear tracks needed to be repainted so we were there for about and 45 minutes before we decided that we were basically done. We still had fun and it was nice to be in the cool mountains, walk through the shops and people watch a little bit. The best part was we got some yummy cashew coconut brittle. Yum. I guess we should have gotton something apple related.... maybe next time!

Thanks Jeannie

A month or so ago I got this cute shirt in the mail from my kindergarten neighbor who retired and moved to Paige, Arizona.... thanks!! :0) Jonathan loves it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Beach Trip...

Here are a couple pictures from JT's first beach day and one from Thomas' 10 year high school reunion.

Here is a little video from Jonathan's first trip to the beach. He loved to put his little feeties in the sand, but was NOT a fan of the cold waves hitting him.

Random Pics

Here are some pics since I have gone back to work.... enjoy :0)

His new way to sleep, on his side/ tummy, fingers by his face.