Friday, February 22, 2008


So yesterday Thomas and I went down to Newport beach to do the 3D pictures of Jonanthan. I know what you are thinking... show me the pictures!! Sorry... no pictures. He is a snuggler who likes to snuggle up with the placenta. Thomas and I got to see a few peeks of him, he already has round cheeks, a button nose, and a lower lip that sticks out just a lil (ok maybe I made that up the last one but if you know an Odenbaugh baby you know that is what happens). We (me and the tech) tried our best to make him move but he didn't listen to me and he kicked her so needless to say we are going back next week sometime to try again. Either way it is just such a miracle that there is a REAL BABY inside of me...
While we were down there we got to have dinner with Kaitlyn, cuz she lives there, and Alyssa, cuz she drove down. That was a lot of fun, it always makes me laugh when we get together because we are all so different and yet the same about somethings too. And they always make fun of me for manipulating them so much to do things for me when they were little, Thomas loves the sympathy.....
This weekend we are off to Havasu... wish us luck!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentines Weekend in San Diego

Actual Valentines Day Thomas sent me these Beautiful roses at school. I got so many compliments on them. The actual day was crazy, it was snowing here in Beaumont and the kindergarteners were beyond excited to have a snow day and a valentines party. So Thomas made dinner and I think I was asleep by 7:30, pure exhaustion! On Friday we left for one of our favorite places in the whole world SAN DIEGO for the long weekend!!

We stayed at the Hilton Torrey Pines, definitly beautiful. We went to Forever Fondue for a yummy dinner, the zoo, our favorite breakfast place Old Town House in Ocean Beach (the cute greek "grandma" owner came to feel my belly, normally when strangers do this I get annoyed but I almost feel like I know her since we have eaten there so many times.) the beach for a lil while, dinner with Aunt Kristy and Uncle Mike, shopping which Thomas actually suggested because he knows I will get tired fast and don't really want to spend hours trying on clothes (he is so sneaky sometimes!) and we actually got sunburned laying by the pool, hard to believe with the cold rainy weather we have now. It was a nice relaxing weekend.
So the pictures didn't go in the right order but you get the idea. :0)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

28 Weeks and we learned something!

Last weekend Thomas and I went to a child birth preparation class. We choose to do the acellerated weekend course because we had heard so many mixed reviews from friends who had gone to the many weeks of Monday nights. It wasn't so bad. The tour of the hospital was pretty cool since Redlands has a new maternity wing that we had never been to since all of the babies that we have gone to visit recently were born in the old wing. It was lots of good information, nothing life changing but overall it went well. I don't know if I really feel any more prepared ( can you ever really be???) but at least we know where to go once we get there. Let me rephrase that... Thomas knows where to go once we get there. I still get off at the wrong floor for my drs appointments from the elevator, so I am not counting on myself to remember anything. Just breathe, but don't make yourself hyperventilate, that's all I need to remember right?!?.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I love kindergarteners!

SO imagine you are a kindergartener during the month of February, so many important events are comming your way... groundhog's day, 100th day of school, valentine's day, and of course the President's Lincoln and Washington's birthdays. It's a little overwhelming, all of this new information. You are still trying to wrap your head around the fact that you live in a country called America, a state called California and a town called Beaumont. Your teacher patiently and lovingly teaches you all the important facts about our first president George Washington, she even helps you make a tri-corner hat like George Washington wore. At the end of the day you are standing in line wearing your paper hat and she askes you why you made this hat. (Wanting you to say "because we learned so many great things today about our first president George Washington would you like me to name a few Mrs. O?") OF course you reply: "Because Pirates are cool and you let us make pirate hats! ARRRRR" So at the end of the day my kinders think that George Washington was great because he had a pirate wig and a pirate had, so much for being the father of our country!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Pictures

Here is the new 27 week belly picture. Looking good, huh? In case you were thinking Leighann was getting a little self-centered, this is Thomas. Jonathan seems to be a very active child. He moves alot. We have an appointment on Thursday to see how things are going. That will be 28 weeks! It is going fast. We have the furniture put together and ready and all our bedding has made it here too! Now all we need is a baby! Not too fast though. All in good time. Here are a couple pictures of the nursery. We finished painting Jonathan's name. I still need to hang it up on the wall. There is plenty to do still but things are progressing well. Thanks for all your support and prayers. Love you guys!

Trip to Target

This weekend we went to Target to register for baby stuff. I bet we looked like a real set of amateurs! When we bought our furniture for the nursery, the lady recomended a book called Baby Bargains. It gives feedback and grades for just about anything you could think of (or not) for your baby. We spent most of the time in the store reading the stupid book! We would pick an item that we liked and then spend the next several minutes checking its grade and feedback. This book has everything from furniture to bottles so you can just imagine the two of us standing there with our noses in this book trying to figure out what to scan and what not to! It was an experience.