Thursday, March 31, 2011

new neighbors

Some new neighbors moved in next door.... One of them has ridiculously chubby knees and barely fits in the shorts outfit sized 6-9 months. He is very fair skinned so he likes to hang out in our playroom with the doors open.
The other one sneaks inside while momma is working on the garden and comes out in some swimming gear. He demands the pool be installed ASAP.

Here is their new house complete with a bar-b-que and a sink. (thanks to Grandma Utah and Kasandra, Regular Grandma and Grandpa for Jonathan's birthday). When we moved in I knew the little mini patio on the side of our house would be perfect for a playhouse.

Oh and there are daffodils and a doorbell.... how cute is that! :0)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thirty ?!?

This weekend we celebrated my 30th birthday. On Friday Thomas and I went to a new steakhouse here in Beaumont. It was super yummy and really fancy. It worked great for us because it was so close we got to take our time and not have to add driving time. The crowd was definitely older (and we did have a reservation for 6:00) so it made us feel really young! :0) Always a good thing when you turn the big 3-0. Thomas got me new skis, boots, and poles. Since I am getting older I have decided that I am not going to get any better at snowboarding so I might as well stick with skiing since I enjoy that so much more. On Saturday Jonathan stuck with Thomas to work on my car and I went with my mom, Alyssa and David to go thrifting. Our newest favorite store had 30% off so that was fun. It was so easy to push around the single stroller and David is such an easy baby that we had a great time! On Sunday Kaitlyn drove up from Newport and we all met at Benihana for dinner. It was yummy as always and we had fun watching the show. I have to say I am excited about my 30s and I only have a few goals: to do whatever I am doing on a given day with a good attitude and do it well (from staying at home to working at school). To enjoy each day to the fullest. I also want to make 29 when I weighed the most in my life. I never really lost all the baby weight after Jonathan and then I gained alot with David. so basically I don't want to go back up just down. :0) So whenever someone tells me "wow thirty... you know it is all down hill from here." I will say it sure is and just be thinking about a number on a scale and not anything else! :0)

School at home

Since every once in a while I get to missing Kindergarten I have to bust out a few of my old tricks with Jonathan. He loves doing "school" things with me. We practice letters and sounds and numbers together. He knows most of his colors and shapes but we still practice those too. We are always reading tons of books together. It is so cute to hear him read the books he has memorized. The other day it was rainy all day so we did a few science experiments (he called them "procedures"). When I don't need to clean during David's morning nap we try to do something special together. I just hope that when he actually goes to school he doesn't tell the teacher "my mom already did that with me..." and just has fun !
- I made a big "flannel grab" as he likes to call it. We "won" a big canvas painting at a white elephant exchange and I covered it so he could use my old felt animals and numbers. We practiced sorting, counting and a little number matching.
This started out as a little color mixing and making shapes but turned into finger painting. He likes wearing his old pillow case smock.
Since I don't have any recent pictures of him helping me cook (we usually prep dinner in the morning or bake something talking about ingredients and measuring). I thought I would include this one of him helping Auntie Kaitlyn cook/ make margaritas :0). He was so thrilled at Costco a month or so ago when we went and they had samples including a small cup of blended margarita mix (no alcohol). "Margarinas just for KIDS!" he was so excited.

David Lately

- 5 months old
- 6 months old

Little Mr. David is now 6 months old!!! He is getting more and more fun everyday. Sometimes I wish I could just press the pause button with my two boys at this moment. Both of them are at two of my very favorite ages. To be honest the newborn faze is not my favorite but I LOVE right now! David is still a snuggle-cuddle bug but he can be put down to play. He is a very content little guy. Today at his drs appointment he weighed in at 18 lbs 10z. He is in the 70th percentile for height... 75th for weight... and 90th for head.... he has a big head... the dr had to re-measure and ask if it ran if the family... and it is not unusual for Thomas to have to look for hats that are a little bigger than normal... so it is an Odenbaugh trait to have a big head! :0) He is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and quickly growing out of them. He started on rice cereal right before his 4 month birthday. This boy LOVES to eat. He has to maintain all that chub somehow right?? He has had yams, sweet potatoes, banana, peas, carrots, and today a little avocado. He still nurses or takes pumped bottles like a champ. I tried a little mum mum (rice cracker) at dinner last night but he wasn't a fan yet. We are going to start with a sippy cup of water soon too. He is able to roll around but is a little hesitant on the hard floors. He is starting to sit up and he is soooo happy to sit in the high chair with us at dinner time. David is very ticklish and has the cutest little laugh and chuckle. He is constantly chewing on his fingers and drooling but no teeth yet. He sleeps through the night most nights but sometimes we have to get up to give him back his pipie and he goes back to sleep (not sure if he was waking because of teeth, a little cold, a little tummy trouble.... who knows!) He take a good morning nap for me (not the grandmas....) and an afternoon nap as well. He falls asleep many times if we are out and about too long. He has started talking more and does some pretty impressive yelling (not angry... just loud!). He is figuring out conversation works and will watch one person talk and then turn his head to the other person so they can talk. He adores Jonathan and it is so fun to see them interact more and more. Their favorite things to do together are listen to stories, be in the stroller on a walk, or play "sleepover". David can lay on the floor and play peak a boo with the blankie, momma can lay on the floor and Jonathan can boss us around turning the lights off and on telling us to go to sleep or wake up. Its a win- win for all of us! David does like to watch TV so we try to turn it off whenever he is in the living room. David also loves to be held. He is so much more snuggly than Jonathan was and with those kissable cheeks and soft head it is so hard not to!