Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When you clean out your drawers this might happen

He ran around like this for at least 20 minutes! I was laughing the whole time. :0) Jonathan thought he was so funny.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Learning Tower

While online window shopping at costco.com I ran across this "step stool" called a learning tower. Well my window shopping turned into a real purchase (I used a gift card that I had been saving to go towards it). It is safe for little ones to use to help with things that are counter height. Jonathan has been having soooo much fun with it. He can now climb up into it by himself and I often serve him snacks from the counter because then the dogs don't try to steal all of his snack. He is my little helper boy and he love to help me cook and make things.
Here he is helping with pancakes.

Helping Dad wash the dishes.

And of course after helping make biscuits and licking the spoon he had to share some with his buddy Roxy. Sometimes it looks like a feeding tower at the zoo with the crazy dogs as the wild animals.

Author's Chairs

I have been having fun getting my "creative" on. Ever since I have been a teacher I have wanted to make an Author's chair for the kids to sit in when they read their journals. Well in Kindergarten that didn't ever really work out but now that I am First grade I went on a hunt for a chair. I found this cute white one at a thrift store for 5.99. I bought the little wood rectangle for 1.99 at walmart and Thomas got the stars at michaels for 30 cents each. I am so happy with how great it turned out for so cheap!

in use.... :0)
Well seeing my chair inspired my mom to want to redo her author's chair so after I hassled her endlessly about painting it black first. It was blue and gold. She finished it and I painted the seat and dots on the back. I had so much fun. I think I went a little overboard with the dots but oh well. No pictures of it in use because my little model is sleeping (the reason I was able to finish it!)

Now my mom and I are trolling craigslist for other little projects to paint. :0)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Being a momma to a boy....

Yesterday Jonathan and I were outside pulling weeds (well I was pulling weeds and he was mowing the lawn with his toy mower) when I noticed a HUGE grasshopper. If you know me you know that I am not really afraid of bugs but I don't exactly LOVE them and they freak me out a little bit. But being the good momma to a boy that I am I pointed it out to him, fully expecting us to ooh and ahh over this HUGE grasshopper before it hops on its merry way. Jonathan reaches out to the grasshopper and I thought he would jump away... nope he picks him up and I start doing a little EWW EWW EWW scream... the grasshopper has a death grip on Jonathan's fingers and we both start to do the little scream (because he is really into mimicking EVERYTHING). Finally the grasshopper lets go and falls to the ground. Jonathan has the hugest smile on his face and goes for it again. Being the quick thinking momma that I am I find a little stick so we can poke the grasshopper (because in my mind that is better than actually touching him). The whole time I kept thinking... be a brave boy momma you can do this! I am sure my neighbor thought we were crazy chasing this grasshopper around the yard. I finally had to rescue the poor grasshopper from the toddler (he might have been slightly injured... the grasshopper, not the toddler) by convincing him to hold onto the stick with his two good legs and safely placing him in a bush. At the end of this I couldn't help but think... what am I going to do when he picks up something REALLY gross.... like a snake or something... I better start working on my bravery!