Wednesday, January 9, 2013

David often speaks to us like he is a little mommy or grandma. Yesterday jt fell off his bikes and David comes over to tell him "jonnathin you ate too tired... go inside and take a wittle sit ".  He also has some sassy comebacks. I asked him for a kiss and he told me "no kiss... daddy be home in a wittle bit... he will give you a kiss". I think it is also cute how he refers to any bike as a dirt bike.


While it may not seem like much  this paper is a great example of how Jonathan's teacher is a miracle worker! He is learning to write his name despite the fact that he told me he wanted to go by jt (simply because he thought his name was too long to write. ) AND he is actually coloring. This is major progress for him. He also did more than the bare minimum and colored the girl too. He is learning how to read and can sound out some cvc words. It makes my teacher heart and my momma heart so happy. While I read and work with him at home he is willing to do anything for his teacher. :0).... in other preschool news his first day after break the only report he had for me was a little girl in his class wore a ponytail instead of her usual style. Oh no... too little to be checking out girls....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Super boys!

Batman and robin are running around kitchen. These two are loving their Christmas presents. It is so fun to see them imagine and play together.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Look out... here comes another one. :0)

Today the boys and I went thrift shopping with my mom and Alyssa. We found some good deals and as always had a great time. Jonathan was actually excited to go with us. I think he has caught on to the fun of the "hunt". He was a great little helper for lyss and I in the dressing room. They always have a limit and today he went back and forth to the cart to get us more things to try on.... ofcourse he just has to flash those dimps and the  worker let him by. He was cute with all these pants around his shoulders. My best score of the day was some long length jeans for 3 bucks!  David did great and fell asleep in the stroller despite his forced no more pipie resolution.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm back.....

I know I have left and come back to blogging before but here we go again!

This Christmas Thomas got me a new tablet.... I am hoping to do some more daily journaling while the boys are little... so I am once again going to try blogging. I want to always remember the sweet and funny things they did and say.

The first funny is from David... everytime he sees me on this tablet he gets a serious little look and tells me I better give grandpa back his "candle" (kindle).

Today it was fun to watch David at tumble tots.... after being very shy and hesitant  at first today he was the first one called. Jonathan came with and was such a good helper pretending he was a "dad".

I was so proud to see Jonathan start to write while working on thank you cards... amazing how far he has come since summer.... his teacher is a miracle worker!

We went to havasu for New years. Their two personalities really came through playing with poppers. Jt was very cautious and careful where he threw his while David would just stomp them to make them pop. It was also fun to see them scooter around the park.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little update

So if you thought you were behind in blogging... try being me! I left off at Thanksgiving with hopes of catching up one day.. hmmm. So Christmas was great, despite the fact that the boys were getting over ear infections. They had so much fun opening and playing with all their presents. They also had fun decorating and undecorating their tree about 2000 times a day! :0)

So I'm sure we did some fun things between then and now. I know I have lots of pictures from Fun times with Auntie Kaitlyn while she was on vacation from her job on the ship... I'll have to hunt for those... That should be it's own monster post! :0)

One of the major highlights of winter was getting snow. We even had enough to go sledding at our park. Such a great time!

Jonathan has been becoming more and more little boy all the time. He talks non-stop and loves to fiddle around in the backyard. He also loves anything that has to do with boats or lately scuba diving.

David is SLOWLY starting to talk. He gets super frustrated when he can't tell you exactly what he wants. He is totally fearless and loves to climb, that makes for one nervous momma!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Rodeo

Over Thanksgiving we went to Utah to see Kasandra's Rodeo. We rented a house to stay in and made an extra long weekend of it. The boys were both sickies pretty much the whole time so that wasn't so fun... we won't talk about the icky ride to Vegas or the million potty stops on the way home. The highlight of the trip was seeing Kasandra do what she does best! I took about a million pictures so be warned!
She was a little nervous to have so much family in the stands to watch.
My little cowboy sipping his sprite.

Watching all the activity in the ring... we even saw the boys bull riding.

She was so close to catching this little guy.

She HATES getting her picture taken so I had to sneak some in...

Kathy describes Rodeo as a whole lot of hurry up and wait... it was!

Amazing the way she can get that horse around the poles.

I love this one!

She was even closer to catching this one!

Laughing after trying to goat tie (not her event :0) )

Another amazing turn.

A disappointed phone call after knocking over some poles to her trainer (this cowgirl was on the phone all. the. time.)

The handsome hubby and David.

My two little cowboys in their western overalls... Jonathan's were a little too small.

A rare smile from the sickie.

Grandma Utah and Jonathan.

Stop that horse!

Running to tie up the goat (since then JT has added goat tying to his horsey rides with Thomas... he hops off and pretends to tie up David).

The loyal Skipper standing by while they see if the tie holds.

Sooo excited to be riding the horse.

Not quite as excited but David sure was.

4 Generations.