Sunday, June 22, 2008

118 degrees!!!!!

So this weekend Thomas, Jonathan and I went to Havasu to work on the casa. We left on Friday after Thomas loaded up the truck with as much stuff as we could cram into it. Jonathan did really well and made it all the way to Parker before he decided he was hungry, which was nice since I was about ready to eat off my own arm because I was so hungry. When I was prego I kept snacks with me all the time to keep from feeling sick, guess I have gotton used to that but didn't pack any since we were gonna get groceries in Havasu so we didn't have to deal with an ice chest booo. We stoped at subway and took a little dinner break. Then we hit the road for what is the most beautiful part of the drive, you can almost feel your shoulders relax thinking you are almost to your vacation destination, how cool is it that we have a house there. We pulled up to the house and unloaded the truck. I got JT all settled for the night while Thomas got the dishwasher and fridge set up. Then the cleaning began. The house was not as bad as I had remembered it (the last time I was there was when we put an offer on it after a quick walk through in March). It was a bank repo so it definitly needs some love. We cleaned the whole kitchen and then crashed in bed. Of course we were up early with the peanut and went out to Wal Mart to get a bunch of stuff that we needed. They just build a brand new super wal mart and can I just say that the one here in Beaumont (which I thought was pretty good) is nothing compared to the one there. It was amazing, it was also kinda funny to me that people go there just to hang out and get out of the heat. We headed back to the house and then got to work a little more. We got the bathroom cleaned the walls and base board all cleaned,the floors cleaned, the ceiling fans and lights installed,princess wall stickers and border removed from the bedroom, kitchen and linen closet shelves lined, a trip to kmart to get Jonathan a swing ( a moment of desperation, now he has one at both houses :0) it definitly helped in letting us get more stuff done). Thomas fixed several leaks, he amazes me with how handy he is. I think he learned alot at out 12th st house. Saturday night we went to Red Robin for dinner, Jonathan fell asleep in the car, slept through most of dinner and started to cry just as we were paying the bill. It was fun for Thomas and I to go out for dinner, it seems like we have been really busy most nights. When we headed back and I went to bed with Jonathan, I was pretty tired, I forgot what a noisy sleeper he is since he was in the pac in play in our room. While we were sleeping Thomas put some wood conditioner stuff on the kitchen cabinets, they look really nice now. Sunday morning we went to Home Depot early to get paint for next weekend among some other things. We found out from the paint lady that the big sale on paint will start on Thursday so we decided to wait. Thomas did find a weed eater (which he made the point of why would you need one for your gravel yard, even if you did use it to knock down the few weeds you have you might break a window or gash up your leg with all the gravel... hmmm maybe that is why it was a good deal.... not a good seller there). Then we were back at the house to finish things up. We are now ready to paint next weekend with the exception of patching holes in the kitchen and living room and the bathroom ceiling drywall patch. We were very productive!! With JT it takes us about 4 hours with a stop for him to eat and get a fresh diaper on the drive. I didn't really take any pictures, just a few of Jonathan in the sink for a bath ( that kid loves a bath like I always say!! and the poor sweaty kid needed one, swaddling was not really his friend in Havasu so I "straight jacketed" him as Thomas said, I wraped the blanket so his arms were at his sides but the rest of him was free to be in the AC, what a nut....). Thomas suggested that he put the pictures from his cell phone on here but they are of me sleeping in the car on the way home with my mouth hanging open, guess it is paybacks for all the ones I take of him. But since I am writing this post no pictures......

In my last blog about stuff we needed we got a dishwasher from Matt and Jess, thanks guys.
Anyone got a couch (preferably a sleeper sofa in near brand new condition :0) ) jk, but seriously!? We do need some furniture out there.

When we got home the AC was running, we were like, WHY IS THE AIR ON IT IS COLD IN HERE!!! I looked at the thermostat and it was 82, what it is set to come on at, hmmm guess it takes cleaning like a maniac in 118 degree weather to give a little perspective.

Thomas is off to play Hockey again, but the game doesn't start until 10 something so I am staying home, think he is gonna be a little tired in the morning??

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 months old.

Yesterday Jonathan turned two months old, my how time flies when you are having fun! Since I have been limiting the amount of dairy I eat he has been a new kid. His "happy" awake time is much more often than his "screaming" awake time. Let me tell you it makes Thomas and I (and everyone else who meets him) much happier. He was with my mom for a bit yesterday while I took Duncan and Roxy to the groomers (they looked like poor little homeless dogs, much better now...) and went to get a pedicure. He did great although he was getting ready to think that he was "dying" of hunger when I walked in the door. He definitely loves to eat!
Here are the some of the things that he does now that he is 2 months old:
  • smiles when you smile at him ( although this morning he was smiling at his "friend" the ceiling fan)
  • coos and smacks his lips
  • rolls over (tummy to back)
  • bounces in his bouncy seat and swings in his swing (he likes to be on the move)
  • still wants/ needs to be swaddled to sleep (even for naps)
  • sometimes wakes up just one time at night to eat
  • "listens" to new sounds (like the trash truck this morning)
  • screams almost every time you click him in his car seat and then stops as soon as the car is going
  • spits out almost any pipe (aka Binky) you give him
  • loves taking a bath (he can be so disgruntled and the second he hits the water he is a new man)
  • smiles at me whenever I change his diaper, even in the middle of the night when I don't talk or really look at him
  • cries almost every time I put a shirt/ onesie over his head

Tonight we have our shower at church so that should be fun. This weekend we are off to go clean the Havasu house. Maybe even start on painting, we will see how things go. Hopefully the peanut will be happy in the heat! Luckily we have great AC out there.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Report

It's not that nothing happens during the week but it seems like I only bust out the camera on the weekends. I guess if something isn't written in my planner I don't take pictures.... hmmm. Right now I finally have a sleeping boy (who has been up since 6:15 and has only dozed a little bit, no real naps until now.... :0) )
Friday night we went to the mexican food place at the Mission Inn to have a little family celebration for Father's Day, my Mom's Birthday and Jay's Birthday, I brought my camera but don't have any pictures, darn it. We had a fun time. Kaitlyn and I had fun hiding in the bushes to take care of everyone's presents, she did the shopping and I brought the stuff to do the wrapping, we got a few strange looks.

On Saturday Morning Jonathan decided to sleep until 6:15, which is great but we had a yard sale to get working on..... :0). We have been having our own little episode of clean house for the past few weeks and Saturday was YARD SALE DAY!!! Would we make enough money to re-decorate our houses? Well there was no matching money up to $1000, but we made $1120, yep you read that right, here's the catch. My parents sold the trailer for $1000, so we made $120, our worst yard sale yet!! We had really great junk too.... So we made almost enough to pay for gas and lunch.... booo. Oh well we had fun hanging out and getting sunburned. On Saturday night we went to small groups. It was fun but Jonathan was pretty fussy, oh well.

Sunday was Father's day. Church was at a different time so we had a nice slow relaxing morning, after church we went to Target to get Jonathan a bouncy seat, he loves it!! I was able to do my fastest Target trip ever, by the time Thomas got back to the car after returning some frames with Jonathan he listened to 1 and 1/2 songs before I got to the car with a cart-ful (sort of) I was very proud of myself, I am so much faster shopping with a list now. Then we headed up to Cherry Valley to my parents house for dinner, then we went home for naps and then......

Thomas got to play hockey for the first time in.... ummm..... a year and a half. He was signed up to play the weekend after Jonthan was born with Jason so needless to say he didn't go. He was very excited but is pretty sore today. It was strange for me to pack up a beanie and warm clothes for JT with it being so hot outside, but the rink is pretty cold. I can't help but wonder if I will be a hockey momma or if Jonathan will pick another sport. While Thomas was packing up his gear Jonathan was getting pretty cranky I walked into the locker room and he was silent. I don't know if the stink took his breath away or if he will be happy there.... only time will tell :0).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dr. Update

We had out check up with the dr today for Jonathan. He is doing very are the details ( can you handle the anticipation....) He weighs 11lbs 5 oz and is now 21 inches long. He started out weighing 6 15 so he has gained a little weight (ha ha from the 10th percentile to the 75th percentile.... he is a big boy, he is an Odenbaugh after all). I will be packing away a good portion of his closet with the tags still on.... I think he has worn the cutest of it so we should be ok. We got a perscription to try to help with his spitting up/ screamfest issues. He just seems to be in pain when that happens so hopefully this will help. He got three shots and was starting to doze off right before he got them. He let out a pretty loud scream. We had his pipe ready (aka binky/ pacifier) a blankie near his face and he then fell instantly asleep. It was actually quite amazing.
I think the most impressive thing ( I am alowed to think that I am his mom after all.... he he) is how strong and alert he is. The dr was pretty impressed as well. He holds his head up like a 4 month old and forget "tummy time" because he rolls right over, which he has been doing for a couple of weeks but I thought it was a fluke because he is too little to do things like that. I asked her about it and she said the whole point of "tummy time" is for them to build up their muscles, so they can hold their head up and roll over, which he has already done. He rolled over for her on the table. I can't leave him for a minute (I never do anyways).
I had a feeling the minute that I saw the ultrasound and was having a boy that I was in for an adventure. Whenever I had a dr appt when I was pregnant she always had to chase him down to get his heartbeat. I always joked that he was like a tornado in my tummy. And now he is already rolling over and does a little scooting when he is on his tummy..... oh we go.
I can't wait to see what kind of crazy little boy he will be, but right now I love the tiny little that he is.

Thanks Auntie Kaitlyn!!

While out traveling the world (in London) Kaitlyn picked out this little number for Jonathan......
He wasn't a big fan at first.... I was a little worried.....
But then he decided to think about it a little more.....
Yea!!!!! I like Rod.... rock on.....
Thanks auntie Kaitlyn, you keep me so stylish, my feet will grow into the cool shoes soon enough.
I am trying to capture his sweet smile on camera, he will smile at me but most of the time when I bust out the camera he likes to watch it rather than me..... This afternoon we have his Dr. Appointment. I can't wait to see how much he has grown, I think he may skip 3 month size and go straight to three to six months even though he is only 7 weeks!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Whew, what a busy weekend. On Saturday we "pretend"slept in. Then we got to work! Thomas and I worked like crazy in the backyard, mowing, pruning, pulling weeds, cleaning the BBQ island, cleaning the patio, putting teak oil on the furniture while Jonathan napped inside in the swing. We had the baby monitor on and He was sleeping with music so it was a little like listening to the radio with a really bad signal :0). I also cleaned the kitchen. We came in for lunch, to feed Jonathan and take a break from the sun (Thomas really looked like a "redneck"), in the midst of all of that I kicked his swing.... hard.... I think I may have broken my "ring" toe, booo.
After that we worked a little more then took showers and met up with my mom, dad, and Alyssa to go the Cherry Festival. The Cherry Festival is for kids in Beaumont what the Holland Festival was for us as kids. We had fun walking the booths and having some dinner, the highlight was definitely people watching. We saw this guy with the most AMAZING mullet we had ever seen. We had to get a picture but weren't quite sure how so we "pretended" to pose for a photo and got him in the background. For a minute we thought he was with the band, Berlin (from the 80s), but we discovered that as the evening concert got started he is actually a roadie, must travel with the band to small town festivals for the performances. We were all cracking up!!! We only stayed for a few songs but it definitely took me back to the 80's club!!!

On Sunday we went to church and then came home so I could do Alyssa's hair for John and Janea's wedding, I was pretty proud of my work, it is the one style I can do for other people, so if you ever need an updo and want it to look like this.... I am your girl! We had dinner at my parents and then came home for a quick nap, we got ready and headed out for the wedding. It was a gorgeous ceremony and Jonathan slept through the whole thing. What a beautiful day! It took me back a little bit to our wedding since we were high school sweethearts who got married after college. sigh. We stayed a the reception for a little while but he was starting to get fussy so we went home to get him to bed. I also had to work on report cards so.....
Right before I took this picture Jonathan has his hand on Thomas' chin, so adorable.

Today we thought we had Jonathan's dr appt, but we wrote it down wrong and it is actually tomorrow. Can't wait to see how much he weighs, he grows so fast. On Saturday night we had to change his jammies in the middle of the night and I thought these ones that button up the front would be easiest, well it buttoned down to the middle of his tummy and his legs just hung out, so I just wrapped him up in a blanket. I can't believe that just 7 weeks ago he was swimming in them. I think there will be a ton of clothes that he will never get to wear.... bummer....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Does it hurt when you Wii??

Thomas went to Costco yesterday for milk, eggs and some gift cards and came home with Wii fit. I have to say it is so much fun. I wasn't that big a fan of guitar hero, mostly because I have no hand eye coordination and because we usually bust it out when more competitive people are over so I have no problem letting them have a turn, plus I think it is one of Thomas' secret dreams to be a rock star (don't tell him I said that :0) ) I fell asleep many nights on the couch when I was pregnant to a "rock concert". Last night we got started and the little wii guy told us we were both overweight, hey cut me some slack I just had a baby you little wii guy, he also told me that my wii fit age was 49!!!!!! booooo.... So after some working out this morning and practicing a little more my new wii fit age is 32. whoo hoo! talk about improvement in one night. Speaking of the night Jonathan's new little pattern is going to bed around 8 or so and sleeping until 2 and the waking up somewhere around 5 ish this morning was 5:30. He goes back to sleep really easily, he's just hungry. :0) He is such a sweet boy, I have even gotten a few real smiles!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Splish Splash!

Here are some fun pics from Jonathan's bath last night.... he loves it! I think ( I hope) he is going to be a water baby, since Thomas and I love it so much it would not be so fun to have a kid who hates the water and being outside. This weekend there is not much to report, Friday I had my 6 week follow up dr. appointment and everything was good, Thomas had a sales meeting on Saturday so Jonathan and I just hung out at home, Sunday was filled with church and traditional naps (for all of us). Hope all of you had a good weekend, if you are around next weekend is the CHERRY FESTIVAL!! woot woot (sheesh I sound like a Beaumontian) Thomas and I will probably go with JT for and hour or two just to check out all the booths and people watch (which is one of our favorite things). Memorial day weekend is when we found our first house in Beaumont, so the cherry festival is something that we remember from looking at houses up here. It's one of those fun small town things.
Here's a quick pick from before church