Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back Yard Bonfire

singing away....

Since it gets dark so early at night it is hard for us to have time to be outside as a family. The other night Thomas went over to my parents house and picked up some wood so we could make a fire (in their fire ring.... yeah we need to get our own...) We had fun sitting around the fire and roasting marshmallows. Jonathan sang a bunch of songs that he made up. David enjoyed being snuggled up! :0)

David is 2 months old

On Thursday David had his 2 month doctors visit. He weighs 11 pounds and is doing great! Poor buddy had to get shots and did really well considering the fact that I couldn't comfort him as much as I would like since his brother was throwing a fit in the office! It is hard to imagine that 2 months ago he was still in my belly he has grown and changed so much.

He continues to be a snuggle bug and loves to be held and snuggled up in the sling. He loves his bouncy seat and has started to reach out to the toys that hang from it. He also enjoys spending time on his play mat and watching the toys on it. He has the greatest smile and has started to do a little chuckle kind of noise along with his other coos and grunts. He likes to ride in the car as long as it is moving and watches out the window. He can roll over both ways from his tummy to his back. He also loves to stare at the ceiling fan, blinds, and stripes on his bumper in his crib. At around 7 weeks I went back to work part time and he did really well. He took his bottles like a champ and even took a really long nap one day. He is sleeping at night but not through the night waking up about every 4 hours to eat. He is our little gassy man too.... most of the time his fussiness can be explained shortly by some toots! :0) I have been able to pinpoint some foods that don't work for him and try to avoid them. He loves to take a bath and we had made it one of his nightly rituals. This month he took his first trip to Havasu and did awesome!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year for Halloween was so much fun! Jonathan was super excited and was really into all of the activities! We hosted our annual Hallo-wii Party on Tuesday with our small group. On Friday we went to Halloween Happening at Trinity and Jonathan had a blast bouncing in the bounce houses even though it was SUPER crowded we had a good time. Tonight we went trick or treating in our little cul-de-sac and he loved going to ALL the houses to get candy! Then we had fun passing out candy and seeing all of the cute costumes. Jonathan and I slipped out quick to go to Frugos for a free yogurt to add to the sugar fest. I think my little gorilla and banana were pretty darn cute!

David Smiles!

This week David started smiling! Totally melts my heart. We had his one month dr appointment on Tuesday (the one that was closer to one month was canceled so he was more like 5 weeks). He now weighs 8 pounds 3 oz and is 23 inches long. He is starting to sleep a little longer at night and is starting to go right back to sleep after nursing at night. Poor little guy is just very gassy and "spit- uppy" so sometimes he just isn't very happy. I am so thankful that he likes his pipie... it makes it so much easier to calm him down than it was to calm JT down at this age with the tummy issues. We love our little squeaker/ little squirty.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Month Old

On the 17th David turned one month old! It is amazing how fast time is going by. I was going to post when I had his one month stats from the doctor but since that appointment was canceled I suppose I better get on it! I want to record some of the things he is up to:
* Eating - he eats every 2-3 hours and has (once or twice) had a stretch where he made it 4 hours and one time even 5 hours during the night.
* He has fallen very nicely into a very predictable schedule with his eating.... It is funny how it took me 3 months to figure Jonathan out and only 3 weeks to get David figured out. It is amazing how much having him on a schedule helps keep him and me happy.
* David is a major snuggle- bug. He is happiest being held and snuggled up. He loves being in the sling and goes right to sleep when I put him in it. I was worried I wouldn't get enough snuggle time with him while chasing Jonathan around but he is content to be carried wherever we go.
* He loves his swing and spends his daytime naps in it (even if it is turned off) just so he can be close to where the action is. He also likes to be in the bouncy seat.
* He hated his sponge baths but loved it when he first got to go in the water.
* He does not like getting his diaper changed or having clothes pulled over his head in some way. I am sure this has to do with peeing out of his diaper during the night... I wouldn't be too happy either.
* Tummy Time does not last long... he puts his knees up under himself and rolls over.
* He does not like it when I eat chocolate... booo! This might have something to do with the massive amounts of chocolate shakes I drank when I was prego....
* He is not a fan of getting buckled in his car seat.
* He takes a bottle no problem and loves himself some pipie... he prefers the one from the hospital but I am working on getting him to like the "normal" looking ones. :0)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

pumpkin patch

On Saturday Afternoon it was feeling a little more like fall than it had the week before so we headed out to the pumpkin patch in Greenspot.
We got a picture with both boys in a hay filled wagon... keeping Jonathan contained for a picture holding David meant Thomas and I had to work fast! :0)
He loves it everytime he gets to hold David!
Mooing at the cow
Riding the train with the Jonathan pumpkin and the baby David pumpkin that he picked out. That was the first thing he wanted to do... get the pumpkins!!
Showing his two year old independence and sitting by mom for a picture :0).
Picking out just the right ones... I LOVE this sling I am borrowing from a friend.
Riding on the teeter totter with Daddy.
He LOVES animals... especially the cute goats.
Little David... all snuggled up!
By the hay maze.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The story of David - week 1

So this post is all mixed up... but I wanted to get it done!! I am slowly trying to get back into blogging.... hopefully I can do it! :0)

going home on Sunday.

The Odenbaugh Boys

Getting his first bath

Since he is a week old I thought it was about time that I wrote about David's birth story. Last Friday morning started off with me adding to the blisters on my feet. All week long I had been taking Jonathan for long walks in hopes of getting things moving along. Thomas and I joked that my water was going to break on my heels first! :0) Jonathan and I spent the morning planting in the front planter some flowers that we had bought at Home Depot. After lunch I put Jonathan down for his nap and waited for my mom to come and watch him while I went to my Drs. appointment. Thomas met me there and as we were walking in we were wondering what the news would be. I had been having contractions all week but nothing that was very consistant. The plan was to strip my membranes to see if that would get things started. When she checked me I was dialated to a 3 almost 4 at 3:00. She wanted to make sure that we didn't go too far away from the hospital because it really could be any time that I went into labor and she thought that it would go really quickly. After the appointment I went to go pick up produce and Thomas went to drop off some more parts to a customer. I got home and chatted with my mom for a bit. Thomas got home and I was having a few contractions but nothing major. I just had a feeling things were going to start soon so we quickly packed things up ate dinner and took showers. We brought Jonathan over to my parents and my contractions were about 10 min. apart. Driving down Cherry Valley Blvd they were about 7 min. apart and by the time we walked into labor and delivery they were about 3 min. apart. While in triage at 6:00 I was dialated to 6 almost 7. It was a BUSY night in labor and delivery and they quickly put me into a room. My contractions were not the same as with Jonathan, I was able to breathe through them and didn't feel as much pain as with JT. At 7:30 I got my epidural and my mom showed up quite surprised as we were with how fast things were progressing. We waited for things to happen and Kaitlyn made it from OC. She wasn't sure if she wanted to stay or not, but she ended up staying. At around 9:00 I was feeling alot of pressure and was ready to push... but my water still had not broken and the dr was busy delivering another baby (she was basically walking down the hallway and breaking water/ delivering a baby in each room). At about 10:30 she came in and broke my water and it was time to push. It was alot more painful than with JT. I also managed to bend the needle that was giving me IV fluids so with each push it was dripping down my arm and making it really hard to focus. Thankfully at 11:31 David Paul was born. He weighed 7 lbs 5.5 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. He was a great nurser right off. It was so amazing to be able to finally hold him in our arms. We were able to move upstairs to the last recovery room available in the maternity ward. All of the inductions had been cancelled because the hospital was so full. Our stay in the hospital went really well but we were super excited to be able to go home on Sunday afternoon. Jonathan came home later in the evening. Our prayers were answered with a non-jaundiced baby boy. That was so hard when JT was born it has been so much easier not to worry about all of that. Since then we have been adjusting to life as a family of 4 and life with a newborn. Thomas was able to take the whole week off and help which has been AMAZING. We will see how things go when it is just me and the boys. :0)

On Tuesday David had his first Dr. appointment. His length was 2o inches and he weighed 6lbs 13oz. He was looking a little yellow but nothing to be too concerned about.

On Wednesday David had his first "fun" outing to Tea Time.

On Thursday David had his first sponge-bath.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

living it up in havasu - according to Jonathan

daddy and jonafin
geese and ducks
grandpa grandma on the engine

mommydaddy where's jonafin?

bird in nest

grandma and jonafin

kaitin and gorge

daddy and mommy
gay and lyssa

(Jay is water skiing... he bent down to pick up Alyssa's hat that blew off from the boat and was able to put it on without falling. talent!)

lyssa and Jay tubing
Kaitlyn and Jorge tubing

This weekend we spent a three day weekend in Havasu (Thomas took Monday off). Next time we go out there we will be a family of four instead of three! wow. I thought since Jonthan was beyond excited all week to go to Havasu (like EVERY time we got in the car he thought we were leaving). I would let him tell about the weekend. So here we go:
Who came to Havasu?: lyssa-jay, daddy, mommy, kaitin, jorge, regular grandma, grandpa
grandpa skied. in the water. good gob.
jay got a fish, he sayed come with us.
tortillas to the geese and the ducks.
Where did we go to eat? mudsharks. there corn doggies there. sing happy birthday to you to grandpa with the hosting (frosting).
Did you jump off the swim step? I popped right off the swim step. like a popcorn. I play with the boobie (bouy) and swim to it.
jorge go under with the fishies. he got a basket. he can't do it with his hands.
kaitin read a book.
lyssa in the boat.
grandma in the boat.
daddy in the boat.
I'm done talking I want to watch a movie. So there you go. Out weekend in a nut shell. It was awesome weather with awesome family.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Jonathan is more and more verbal all the time and he is constantly cracking us up with the funny things that he says.... I want to remember some of them so I thought I would post them here.
Aprincot - Apricot
Thomas works at cutting pie - cutting edge supply
ear wax sticks - q-tips
I'm nudie on top - when he has no shirt
It's not dark yet - ANY time he needs to go to bed, even nap time (or bed time which if it is on time is always before dark)
nudie a tootie - nudie patootie
Don't yell at me/ call me Jonathan Thomas - whenever I tell him what to do.
Care Bear counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Hide and Seek counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....
This conversation happens EVERY TIME we are in the car, especially after he has just gone to the bathroom: "I need to go potty", me - ok you need to hold it until we get home/ to the store/ the next exit/ a place to stop, " I need to go potty IHGT NOW (right now)" me - no you don't you need to hold it, " Ok I hold my shorts/ car/ bear..."
I'm Happy - whenever he wakes up from a nap and comes to find me
It's a beautiful day - whenever we are doing something he likes
He can't say his F and subs the /h/ sound so fish is hish... He can however correctly repeat /f/ ish - but then says hish
What's that?, What's that guy doing?
My tummy hurts, I need some ty-nol.
Just a couple - for when he shouldn't do something/ have something and still wants to do it
Spikey hair or Handsome hair - his two hairstyles

let's catch up, shall we?

So this summer has been a pretty busy one. I have been getting some comments/ complaints from family about my lack of blogging.... but I can say that Jonathan's baby book is mostly up to date and I have done a little bit of scrapbooking, my school shopping is done and homework bags to start the year and christmas presents for my first graders are all ready, all the boxes from moving are unpacked and put away and my house is pretty much settled. Oh and I have been growing a baby (which is alot of work)... so there are all my excuses for not blogging. Since I know adding to the blog is not so much about words but pictures I am getting braver with my fancy pants camera and figured out how to get the memory card out to upload some... hopefully I can blog a little more to keep the family happy :0).

Old house - "Unders": Jonathan started his potty training adventures by telling us when he needed to go and wanting to try out every bathroom under the sun. One day he ran away from great grandma who was trying to put a diaper on him yelling "no way jose!" Since then he has been an unders man with a diaper for night time and naps. I was planning on starting this summer so pretty much we have just been perfecting "that toliet is not scary" in public bathrooms or "standing on the side of the road on the way to Havasu". I am so proud of him and very thankful that it was all his idea!

Old house - holding up his shorts and playing with sand. JT is such a stringbean that even though he really eats alot he is pretty skinny. Several of his shorts that fit him last summer with a diaper just slide down this summer. He is in LOVE with playing outside and doing any type of yard work or playing in the sandbox or pool. He also enjoys painting or playing with playdough at his little table.

Fruit snacks - What used to be a good half hour activity now takes 3 minutes... tops. JT is a fruit snacks junkie... he will do anything to get them. I have to ration them or that is all he would eat all day long.

The new house! This picture was taken on our final walk through day. Thomas, Larry our realtor and some inspector girl... I should probably give a whole post to the new house but here is the low down. We bought the house next door, it was a short sale that we put an offer on in November, origionally thinking we would rent it out and use it as an investment. Finding out our family was growing made us re-think and decide to move and rent out our old house still making an investment. God was totally with us through the whole process. 100% his timing and not ours. The house is mostly the same but is a reverse (so it has been confusing getting used to everything on the "wrong side"). It is a bigger lot and the house has a slightly different layout with 2 sunrooms. Thomas loves the shed and has big plans for it and building a BBQ in the back. Jonathan is in LOVE with his playroom and having a bigger bedroom. The dogs love their room (yes they have their own sun room with their crates and a couch) and the new exciting backyard. I love the fact that it seems much more "open" to me and that everything seems to have a home. The front patio has been nice to hang out and the backyard is great too. We still have more jobs to do inside but feel pretty settled. The landscaping needs some love but with the heat we are holding off (plus the baby's room kinda takes priority as the next bigish step).
Old House - We spend most late afternoon and evenings in the backyard. Jonathan swims in his little pool and plays with his toys (which have been "handed down" from a friend). Like I said he is happiest outside.

Old house - Did I blog about the Cherry Festival?? Anyways Jonathan got a spider painted on his face. A week or so later he decided to paint his own spiders with my makeup. It was just so cute I couldn't help but laugh. (Side note: just how did he get in my makeup... any mom of a two year old boy would not to keep that high and out of reach right?!?! Well our morning routine is for him to sit on the counter and brush his teeth/ play in the sink while I get ready to keep him out of trouble. This particular day I was trying to do that and answer some emails at the same time so he had about 2 minutes to himself.... can't let him out of my sight! :0) )
Old house - When you are moving you find things you haven't seen in a while... Jonathan found my veil and after trying to catch some stuffed animals in it I had to show him what it was really for. :0) I am sure he will hate this picture one day but I love it... such a little angel boy.
New house - like I said the yard needs some more love... the grass is a bit greener from this picture and less "pokey" according to JT... It must be all the pool water we dump on it. :0)

New house - so in moving I had to give up my AMAZING cupboards for all of my crafting/ scrapbooking supplies (side note the two boys who moved in next door fought over who would get that for their bedroom since it had tile and a place to work on building stuff) I needed some more storage. In searching for a bed for JT I found the perfect cabinet at JC Pennys outlet for $250 - a little out of my price range. But this cabinet was at Goodwill next door for $40 - after some paint it works great for all of my supplies and I love the retro contact paper that is inside. Two of the neighborhood girls took pity on the poor prego painter, took a break from their swimming and basically painted the whole thing for me while I sat and watched them. They only painted a few things on themselves that they later washed off in the pool and they did a great job!
Ok well that is all for now... I would say I will update more soon but.... you never know :0)