Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

We had a nice and relaxing memorial day: naps, hanging out with family, watching the basketball game, taking a walk in cherry valley, playing WII (my mom even hit up guitar hero), Bakers, a BBQ...... Jonathan sleeping from 1:30-6:00 last night!!! whoo hoo, I hope this sleeping at night thing continues.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jonathan's Baptism

On Sunday Jonathan was baptised. It was such a special service. Following in his mother's footsteps his name was mispelled in the bulliten and on the slide show..... sigh... thought I picked a conventional name.... guess there are too many common ways to spell it.

Anyways aside from that it was a great service... I had a few songs that I wanted to sing and "Uncle" Jeffy made sure they happened. They were two hymns that we sang at our wedding.

How Great Thou Art - a favorite of my Grandpa DeYoung and my Grandma DeWaard

Amazing Grace - my all time favorite. It was hard to hold back the tears of joy and gratitude that I felt. God is so good. I am so thankful for my two boys.... Thomas and Jonathan are more than I could have ever asked for....

We are so thankful to have such a great church family and have so many of our family members be able to come.

Alyssa's Graduation

On Saturday we went to my sister Alyssa's graduation from BIOLA, she graduated with honors with a degree in communacative disorders (speech therapy). Way to go smarty pants!!! It was nice and overcast for the graduation, we had fun people watching and drinking hot chocolate while we waited for her name to be called. I think by the time we got to the last girl we have graduations figured out... bring lots of snacks! So now that my parents have no more kiddos to put through school what are they going to do with all of that extra money???? Be sure to ask my mom about her dream car. :0) no more monty the montero, it's on it's last leg anyways.

Me = Point Loma

Kaitlyn = Azusa

Alyssa = Biola

My parents = awesome for getting us all through Christian school!! (thanks guys)
Aunt Sue even took a little snooze :0)

After the graduation we busted a move and hustled back to Cherry Valley to PARTY!!! We had margaritas in the freezing cold but we had fun. Thankfully there was traffic (when do you ever say that?!?) so most of the guests were late giving us time to set everything up.

Monday, May 19, 2008

1 month old

Yesterday was Jonathan's one month old birthday... I cannot believe how big he has grown, over this weekend even! I am going to try to take pictures with sock monkey to show how much he has grown each month... we will see how that goes. This picture makes me laugh because he is looking at me distracting him so he doesn't cry that someone isn't holding him at that exact second! He is such a funny little guy, he has the biggest grin sometimes that I just never have the camera for, it is usually after he has been naughty in some way that only a baby can, working his way out of a swaddle, keeping me up for hours in the middle of the night, peeing on me. No matter how frustrated I may start to get that little smile makes me forget it all. I have a feeling he will be using that his whole life to get out of trouble.

We took this picture while lounging on the hammock in the backyard. Thomas left on Friday night to take care of somethings at the house in Lake Havasu. Everything went really well. I decided not to go since there was no gurarantee of running water (it was a bank repo, and the last time he went out the water was off, so.... with Jonathan's unpredictable nature sometimes running water is esential ha ha). I definitly missed him but the peanut and I did great. The fans work, the masterbathroom is working (we do need to tile, it has pretty ugly linoleum), there is no leak from the pipes in the ceiling, the dishwasher does NOT work, Thomas was running it through an empty cycle when he noticed water pouring out the garage door, anyone have a cheap dishwasher for sale!?! So next step is cleaning and painting, let us know if you wanna come help!! We are super excited to head out to the lake with our little guy, I hope he likes the water as much as we do, here's to waterskiing in a couple of years!! I can't wait to get out there again myself. Since this summer we will likely just to early morning so he doesn't get to hot I can work on my skills ( that I don't really have.... )

Don't know if his eyes will be brown, right now they are BLUE BLUE BLUE. He is so strong and is doing really well at holding his head up on his own a little bit. He has blond hair, I still can't get enough of his fuzzy little head.

Here is an example of me trying to put him to sleep... my mom just laughed at him on Saturday night. He fights it so bad sometimes. Jonathan and I spent the day there helping paint and get the guestbedroom ready for everyone comming for Alyssa's graduation. The room looks great... I am so proud of my mom for using a COLOR on the walls! We had a good time hanging out and working a little bit. I think I may have passed on my organizing bug (you should she our garage...). We practically have the Havasu house covered with out buying much at all, too much junk, now we will both have clean houses! I even bargained with Alyssa to buy some of her crate and barell silverware.

Ok so I wrote alot, one more adventure: Jonathan and I went to the nail salon on Thursday morning. They were so excited to see him. They are like family there. He started to wail a little when she was finishing my toes (I kept him in the sling and he slept most of the time) so I didn't get a flower..... maybe next time. :0)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New photos from Faithy

So we went to our Tuesday night small group tonight and faithy brought the pictures she took on Jonathan the other week. They are fantastic!!! Here are some of our favorites.

Monday, May 12, 2008

First Bath

I am a bad blogger, Sorry to those of you who check faithfully to see no new updates. Last week Thursday night we gave Jonathan his first real in the tub bath. He hated it, until we swaddled him up to change the water (that yes he did pee in after he peed all over me, learned our lesson, keep the washcloth ON!). Once he was swaddled with fresh water I washed his hair. He LOVED that part, big, eyes, no tears and happily looking around. It makes me so happy because one of my favorite things is to rub little boys heads, especially when they get older and have fuzzy buzz cuts. I hope he never grows out of that, even if he does he will have to humor his momma and let me rub his head.

Yesterday was my first mother's day, we went to church and heard Jeffy do an awesome tuba performance, I was truely impressed! We went to my parents house for lunch and had a great afternoon. While Jonathan did do me a favor by being born in April ( the birth stone is a diamond... hello!) my mommy present (for giving birth) and my mother's day present were rolled into one, a new kitchen table, which I have been wanting since we moved in, but could never find the right thing. It should be here sometime on Thursday!

We are starting the "schedule" so it is time for the baby to eat, we will see how it goes tonight, last night was great!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a really great weekend. On Saturday we went to Jonathan's first Holland Festival. He slept through the whole thing in the sling. It was so nice to be out and about and show him off a little bit. And of course enjoy olie bollen and the other yummy dutch foods. After the Holland Festival we went to Thomas' grandpas house for a little bit so Jonathan could eat and Thomas could help him load up some stuff for his next trip to Utah. Then we did our fastest Costco trip ever. I was a little sad because I didn't look at any of the "stuff", usually when we go to Costco we go up and down every isle checking everything out, but as I clean out my house there is truely NOTHING I need (right now at least :0) ). Then we came home and Jonthan and I napped in the hammock in the backyard.

On Sunday we went to Church for the first time. We got there on time, early even but had to leave right away because of the little guy. We went over to my parents house for Sunday lunch, Alyssa was home and had fun holding the little guy before lunch and after lunch she set to work spray painting our old "black" fridge some more, she is going to take it to her new apartment and we are going to take her old white one to the Havisu house. For those of you who don't know when we moved into our house with all black appliances we thought that spraypainting our white fridge was a good option ( plus we were a little short on cash at the time). Let me just not recomend that unless you never want to touch your fridge because you will get black "paint dust" on your hands. Good luck Alyssa! Sunday afternoon we took our traditional naps. Sunday evening we went to night church and were late, but still made it. There was a meeting afterward and then we went with some friends to Frugos, I love that place!!

Sunday night Jonathan was awake every two hours so yesterday we both did quite a bit of napping on Monday. It was kinda nice just to hang around the house for the day. The guy came and picked up the Bili Blanket! Glad to have that out of my house, we go for another blood test tomorrow.
I just had to add this one in, I forget what night this happened, Jonathan had a blow out and we could not figure out why... Thomas got up to change him while I cleaned up the rest and I hear from the Nursery "This diaper was poorly installed, that's the problem". Guess I was a little tired, or he wiggled out of it, which he has been known to do since then, this morning for example. Maybe I will put a onsie on under his night gown to keep things in place. We were just laughing for about two minutes, then realized it was the middle of the night and we should get back to bed!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The sling

In the sling. All snuggled up.
Belly shot, 40 weeks!

This is a shout out to the aides at my school who bought me my sling. It is the best thing ever! They even got me the DVD to go with it so I know how to use it the right way and all of the different ways I can position the babe as he grows. Last night I got to try it out and Jonathan loved it. He was fussing a little bit and Thomas even put it on for a little while so I could go take a bath. While the DVD was a little, how do I say it, "Mother Earthy" it works really well for me. I told Thomas that he needed to grow some dreadlocks and head down to our old stomping grounds in Ocean Beach and be an "Earth Biscuit" carrying his baby around in a sling. Funny since he is so clean cut and says sir and ma'am he got mistaken for being military when we were in the hospital. In just a few minutes we are going to get Jonathan's two week old pictures taking. I was hoping his "nub" would fall off for the ocasion but no luck...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1st

I can't get over the dimples!! (did I already post this?? SHEESH, I am forgetful sometimes!!)
I couldn't resist jeans for his doctor's appointment on Monday, he wore them for about an hour (maybe less) because he was still on the bili blanket.
This one is for Great Grandma DeWaard. More than once as he is waking up to eat he works his LEFT hand out of his swaddle and puts it by his face. A couple of nights ago he couldn't loosen the blanket so he pulled his arm through the night gown sleeve and through his neck openening to get it to his face.
He had open eyes for Grandma Wallerius yesterday, we had a great time chatting all day. I can no longer be annoyed at the shelf of plastic tubs of baseball cards that are in my garage. She bought those for Thomas because she knew that he needed to memorize and he needed to know numbers so he memorized baseball stats. I think he might be so great at his job and all the numbers he needs to know.
A BOY at tea time. A Wednesday afternoon tradition as long as I can remember. He stayed asleep the whole time in his seat. Thomas was surprised that he was "allowed". :0) I think he could get just about anything.

As I was looking at my planner today I saw May 1st as my origional due date. As I think back to that time I can hardly believe it. It was August and school was just starting to get back in gear. I was a few days late and took one of those fateful home tests. I didn't quite believe it when I saw the two lines, neither could Thomas. I waited until after the school week was over to take the test because I knew I would be too distracted if I knew either way. We went to our small group at the Hekmans, I am pretty sure Jacob was a tiny new thing and Jess and Jill were still baking their tiny littles. Thomas and I stopped at Rite Aid in Yucaipa and picked up a digital test. We rushed home and I took the test. The tiny lettering on the stick said pregnant! Could it be true?!? I went to the doctors shortly after to confirm and it was true. She gave me a due date of May 1st which my OB changed to May 2nd, I don't know if that is because of leap year or what , anyways. It is hard to believe that Jonathan will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. What a journey this has been. Although we feel like we have no idea what we are doing I think that our family is settling in nicely. I am feeling great, cleaning and organizing. I must be nesting now that I have some time, and not a huge belly. :0) The past few nights at about 2 in the morning (but he did sleep a 4 hour stretch last night, yea!) I am crawling back into bed with a lightly snoring boy on my right side and a sighing a grunting tiny little on my left in the bassinet and I couldn't possibly feel more blessed.

Here are some photos!