Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Ok so don't make fun of me. I realize my blog is majorly behind. I am sure most of you know that Baby O the dos is baking in the oven. I am so behind on many things even though I am working part time. I guess a two year old and being preggers will do that to a girl! Anyways....We had a wonderful easter. It was such a beautiful day to celebrate with family. Jonathan was totally into hunting for easter eggs. All of us got into searching for eggs since some of them had money in them! Growing up my parents only hid little chocolate ones in the house. This was the first time we searched outside. We kept rehiding them over and over again the fun was never-ending. I thought it was funny that his wedding outfit actually fit him (almost a year later!). This was the first year I did an easter basket for him. He had so much fun opening it. He loved all of the attention and candy! :0)

Great Weekend in San Diego

This past Friday and Saturday we took a little mini family vacation to San Diego. We had a great time on our short little trip. We spent way too much money on food but we had an awesome time :0). These pictures are backwards so we will start on Saturday morning:
We went to the Reuben H Fleet Science Center for the morning before heading back home. Jonathan LOVED LOVED LOVED it. It was all hands on so he had a great time. It was so interesting to watch how differently boys and girls "played" at the science center. One room had these building blocks and it was ALL boys and their dads except for me and to be honest I didn't get the appeal. :0) In this pic he wanted the ball but it was floating on the air...
Watching the steam come up when we pushed on the outside.
Taking a photo after breakfast at Sea Port Village. We ate outside on the patio and Jonathan loved watching all of the boats. He seriously asked a good 20 times to go to Havasu to see the boat and hug the boat. Poor kid misses it just as much as we do.
On Friday afternoon Jonathan did not take a nap so why not go swimming at the hotel pool? He was smiling the WHOLE time so I knew it was a chance to get a picture of the two of us. I know we are pretty white but there were a lot of vacationing east coasters so we didn't look to out of place.

The Highlight of the trip to the zoo for Jonathan was the polar bear character. He was in love with the polar bear. He wanted to have one more turn about 10 times. We finally had to drag him away so the man in the suit could go on break!
Ha ha the spider and the fly.
He was telling all the kids: SHHH goats are seeping (sleeping) go away!
I think he is going to be a farmer because of his love for animals and tractors. :0) He was finding hay on the ground and feeding it to the goats.
Gorillas - he liked watching the baby run to its momma.
Family photo with the teething (I think) boy and a finger in his mouth.
Saber tooth.

We had a blast and can't wait till we can go back again. There are no photos but all I have to say is that one bonus of staying in a hotel with a little boy who goes to bed early is getting Extraordinary Desserts to go!! Nothing like passion fruit torte and chocolate macadamia nut torte in bed with the TV turned down really low. mmmmm. Oh and so I don't forget Jonathan fell in love with Miguel's White Sauce and chowed down... he knows what is good.

Fishing Derby

Last weekend (hey we are getting closer.....) there was a fishing derby at some local, um lakes (they are water reservoir things for the water district). Thomas got up early to get Jonathan all signed up. The day was pretty windy and cold and we didn't catch any fish. The people next to us caught LOTS of fish but us not so much. We gave up after about an hour and a half... that's enough fishing for me! I think next time it will have to be a father/son bonding experience.... unless I can work on my tan!

Jonathan loved fishing and kept saying "Here hish (fish) come eat it" or yelled "HISH ON POLE".

Havasu in February

What do you know.... we went to Havasu in February too.... there was a carnival for Mardi Gras going on. Jonathan had fun LOOKING at all of the rides. We weren't about to spend 5 dollars each to ride the rickety rides. They (and the people operating them) just seemed a little to sketchy to me.

We did have fun looking at all of the booths. Can you believe that these hats are actually really popular with the seniors in Havasu? I think they are sooo silly. I mean really... who are you fooling.?

Valentine's Day Cookies

Jonathan and I go to the mom and toddler group at church whenever I am off. My friend Faithy was kind enough to host a little valentines party for the kids. Jonathan had a blast decorating cookies (and faithfully eating each and every one down to the last crumb). He is also wearing what he called his "cute shirt" for valentines. :0)

Snow in Beaumont

The snow was falling hard.... so hard that SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED!!! Jonathan and I enjoyed our snow day at home. Here are some pics of him playing outside in the white stuff... we spent most of our time inside.... watching care bears and bringing the outside slide inside.

Havasu in January

OK everyone are you ready to get caught up?
Thomas was kind enough to upload photos onto blogger.... which I hate to to... and is one of the many reasons I have been lagging in blogs. So here we gooooo!

Not long after our trip to Utah we met up with Kathy and Kasandra in Havasu. We had tons of fun and Saturday night Thomas, Kasandra and I got to go see a movie (which we hadn't done since JT was born) since we had a babysitter..... too bad Grandma lives so far away!
Sister love.... I think Kathy has the photos of us dancing in the channel.... woot woot!
Feeding the ducks (I don't remember if it was communion bread crusts or not.....)
With Grandma on the boat.