Wednesday, August 4, 2010

living it up in havasu - according to Jonathan

daddy and jonafin
geese and ducks
grandpa grandma on the engine

mommydaddy where's jonafin?

bird in nest

grandma and jonafin

kaitin and gorge

daddy and mommy
gay and lyssa

(Jay is water skiing... he bent down to pick up Alyssa's hat that blew off from the boat and was able to put it on without falling. talent!)

lyssa and Jay tubing
Kaitlyn and Jorge tubing

This weekend we spent a three day weekend in Havasu (Thomas took Monday off). Next time we go out there we will be a family of four instead of three! wow. I thought since Jonthan was beyond excited all week to go to Havasu (like EVERY time we got in the car he thought we were leaving). I would let him tell about the weekend. So here we go:
Who came to Havasu?: lyssa-jay, daddy, mommy, kaitin, jorge, regular grandma, grandpa
grandpa skied. in the water. good gob.
jay got a fish, he sayed come with us.
tortillas to the geese and the ducks.
Where did we go to eat? mudsharks. there corn doggies there. sing happy birthday to you to grandpa with the hosting (frosting).
Did you jump off the swim step? I popped right off the swim step. like a popcorn. I play with the boobie (bouy) and swim to it.
jorge go under with the fishies. he got a basket. he can't do it with his hands.
kaitin read a book.
lyssa in the boat.
grandma in the boat.
daddy in the boat.
I'm done talking I want to watch a movie. So there you go. Out weekend in a nut shell. It was awesome weather with awesome family.