Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun With Uncle Jay

Seriously Jonathan's only Uncle is the BEST!!! :0)

Beach Day!

On Saturday we headed out to the beach to get away from the heat for a day. There were TONS of other people there so apparently we weren't the only ones with that idea. :0) We had an awesome time. Jonathan wasn't afraid of the water at all even though there were 25 foot waves! It was pretty amazing to watch. I must say that while taking a little one to the beach requires a lot of packing it makes the day so much more fun... Thomas and I only got a little burned instead of fried because we didn't fall asleep on the beach and we left before traffic was so nutty that it would take us hours and hours to get home plus we got seated for dinner right away because we were there early!
Jonathan in his wagon with all of his gear... he seriously looked like he was in a homless person's cart with all of the stuff hanging off the side.
Our little set up on the beach. We got misted alot from the crashing waves.

Going to check out the water with Thomas... he loved "jumping" the waves and running from the huge ones.
Dinner at Crab Cooker.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lobster there!!! It was serioulsy delicious and I have been craving it since Jonathan was born but we just never got down to Newport.

15 months of fun!

You know how when you get married you just fall more and more in love each day... well I think having a baby is kinda the same way. Jonathan Bean is just so much fun right now... I am enjoying every single day with him this summer. I am super excited that I will be working part time next year and have more time to spend with him. Last week Monday he had his 15 month doctors appointment. Nothing too exciting except he weighs just over 20 pounds. I forgot how tall he was but he is in the 5th percentile for weight and 50th for height. His back bottom molars are coming in. Some days he only takes one nap. The doctor kept asking us about his eating habits... umm ALL the time! It was pretty obvious why he is so skinny because he was climbing up me the whole time... and I said he does this all the time. I would say he is only still in his sleep but sometimes it sounds like he is having a wrestling match in his crib! He is very healthy and we are super thankful about that. He was a champ with his shots too. Here are some of the things he has been up to lately:

I found him a cozy coupe police car on craigs list. He is in love with it. He mostly climbs in and out about a million times or talks on the "phone" little speaker thing. Speaking of phones he LOVES them. He usually spends time each day talking to daddy on the phone or pretending too. He also has his little sweeper in the back of the car... he LOVES brooms!!
Here he is playing with his sand and water table that Thomas made him. In the evenings we have been playing outside and he usually gets really wet so I let him go in just shorts... love that little "crack" :0)

He has been working on feeding himself and using a spoon. He usually ends up holding the spoon and using his other hand to eat. It is funny because when he eats with his hands he uses his left but when he uses a spoon he uses his right.

He is definitely my little helper boy. He helped me vacuum the hall the other day. He also throws things in the trash for me. He hands me the pillows when I make the bed. He also has been helping me with all of my school prep. The other day he helped me put crayons, glue sticks, etc in homework bags. It is a good thing he is too young to know he should charge me for all of this work! :0) I got him a learning tower so he can stand by me to help me cook. He loves to do that but sitting on the counter was making me too nervous. I am not an organized enough cook to have everything ready so I don't have to turn my back on him.

One of his latest tricks is climbing into chairs. This is a pic of the first time he did it. He was SOOOO pleased with himself. The other day he was sitting on the couch with the dogs and just thought he was such hot stuff! :0)
All wet after running through the sprinklers. One of his favorite games to play is chase. He loves to hide and then come out and scare you with a scream.

He LOVEs all things to do with water. Just not sitting in the pool.
He is learning and understanding more and more everyday. When he drinks from a real cup he says "ahh" afterward. He says momma and dadda. He says ho (hot), baf (bath) hi, ba (ball). He knows sniffing for a bunny sound, a version of woof for dogs (it is kinda like a scream but we do have yappy dogs sooo), and mmmm for cat's meow. He knows where his nose and ears are and sometimes eyes and mouth. He gives the best kisses to the ladies (a little tongue if he really likes you) and hi - fives to the guys. He will put his pipie and lovey away after he takes his nap. He will go to the fridge whenever he is hungry and thirsty. He loves to go for walks and play at the park. He loves to chase the dogs and give them a ball or bone or pat them. He gets other peoples attention out and about by laughing at them. He is just so much fun!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have tried to write this post about a thousand times but it just hasn't gotton done so hopefully while both boys are still sleeping I will be able to do that! Jonathan, my mom and Kaitlyn and I decided to go to Michigan this summer. Actually I decided that Jonathan would LOVE it but I knew I couldn't handle a baby on a plane alone so these two were game to go. It was so funny because we bought tickets before we ever even checked with any family out there to see if it would work! They found out through facebook, my aunt Sue told my grandma and she was like... no the girls aren't coming and Sue thought maybe it was a surprise.... anyways we were on our way!
Here is a picture of us as we were landing in Chicago. I was SUPER worried about taking a baby on a plane... but JT was AWESOME!!! As we boarded Kaitlyn was carrying him and we got SOOOO many dirty looks. The only times he cried was when he was forced into a nap because he was super tired and when he woke up I had to leave him to go to the restroom (he was definitly a momma's boy on this trip). My secret: snacks. Any of you who know Jonathan know this kid can EAT so a few toys and books thrown in with lots of snacks and he was a happy boy. The flight to Grand Rapids had about 10 strollers waiting when we got off so it was full of kids. It is super fast so we were there in no time. My grandma was there to meet us and we were off to the cottage.
On Thursday we spend most of the day on the beach... my mom has those pictures on her camera. JT loved the beach and stayed down there for hours... he also loved our daily trips to the post office and even playing at the marina's playground.
That evening we went to downtown Holland. There were all kinds of fun street performers (mostly college kids from Hope college) and we got to sneak into a few shops. My mom bought us an awesome dutch cookbook that I can't wait to make something from.
On Friday we went to Yard sales.... It was too bad we had to get on a plane because I found a pristine little tikes table and chairs for 5 bucks... oh well. I had to settle for a board book for JT for 10 cents. We didn't find much but had fun looking. After we went to Russ' for a delicious lunch (Jonthan's crayons came in a wooden shoe and the picture on the kid's menu was a wind mill :0) ).

Saturday was a beach day and I got to go out to see a concert of some guys that my aunt and Uncle went to college with at night. It was on a golf course and was such a beautiful location. My mom watched JT. Sunday was church and we went to Hope chapel. Jonathan hates the nursery here so I knew that it wasn't going to happen. So we mostly walked back and forth on the street in front and I heard a few little parts of the sermon. Sunday was another beach day. I used this baby carrier I made to walk to and from the light house. It worked out great! My grandma was on cloud nine to have Jonathan Bean come and visit even if he didn't play with any of the toys she found for him.

On Monday we went and picked blueberries. Jonathan was in heaven and would even help put some of them in the bucket. I had to put him in the stroller after a while because I didn't want him to get a tummy ache. We picked 18 pounds of berries to take home with us. 50 cents a pound.... we pick at this field that is by a welder's shop... we think the boss (dad) told the worker (son) 1.50 but all he heard was 50. We were the first pickers of the season! I have most of mine all frozen and ready to use!

Tuesday it was time to come home. We stopped off at my grandparent's new place (They are moving from Florida to Michigan) and it is AMAZING! My grandma will have so much fun with the crafting group! :0)

Before we left we had to stop for turtle sundaes at Captain Sundaes! Good thing they don't have places like that by us or I would weigh 300 lbs!
The flight home went well. Jonathan was super tired and tired of being held by the time we landed in LA... I can't blame him... Every time he would fuss Kaitlyn would threaten him that we would never take him to Michigan again or that when he turned 18 she wouldn't take him out... and he shaped right up. We had tons of fun but were really glad to be home!