Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am still here!

So I don't know what it is but it is almost like I need to have 10,000 things on my to do list for me to even think about posting on the blog. This is more like a random journal post for me...

* I LOVE David and Jonathan's ages and stages right now. sooo much fun. I took them to the library the other day and it was so cute to see the two of them sitting next to each other for the story.
* Now that David's teeth are through he is a much happier baby. He loves just playing in the playroom and outside, he sneaks out every chance he can. He got his top two at 10 months and top left at 11 months.
* I am loving pinterest - making me feel much more creative! So far I have made a cleaning routine, a camera strap cover with ribbon flowers, some hairbows with school colors for the spirit run AND I made labels for the office. OH and I made a super cute project with the first graders.
* Trying to do more school things with Jonathan... We are working on writing his name... I am remembering back to my kinder days and telling my partner teacher I was CrAzY for naming him such a long name and should have picked something shorter... just for the sake of making it easier for him to write. So far he has the J t and o down pat.
* I love how Jonathan says evern instead of even.
*Having so much fun with my fresh batch of first graders.
*Miss going to Havasu... need to go more but we have had too much going on every weekend.
*Saw The Help after reading the book and I really LOVED both.
*I have been exercising almost everyday... but I have a hard time on working days when it is super hot outside.... I make myself feel better by saying at this time one year ago I weighed over 200 lbs and now I am so much less than that! and my fat pants that were pretty "booty" last year are actually starting to get a little loose.
*So over nursing David... but he is soo not...
*David basically eats what we eat... that kid can gnaw anything! He also likes stealing JT sippy. Especially when it has the nasty crystal lite lemonade in it! EWWW

ok so my goal this week is to take some pictures, the blog about them... OH and start reading groups with my class... and about 9,999 other things!