Friday, February 8, 2008

I love kindergarteners!

SO imagine you are a kindergartener during the month of February, so many important events are comming your way... groundhog's day, 100th day of school, valentine's day, and of course the President's Lincoln and Washington's birthdays. It's a little overwhelming, all of this new information. You are still trying to wrap your head around the fact that you live in a country called America, a state called California and a town called Beaumont. Your teacher patiently and lovingly teaches you all the important facts about our first president George Washington, she even helps you make a tri-corner hat like George Washington wore. At the end of the day you are standing in line wearing your paper hat and she askes you why you made this hat. (Wanting you to say "because we learned so many great things today about our first president George Washington would you like me to name a few Mrs. O?") OF course you reply: "Because Pirates are cool and you let us make pirate hats! ARRRRR" So at the end of the day my kinders think that George Washington was great because he had a pirate wig and a pirate had, so much for being the father of our country!


Troy, Sarah and Lucy Sherman said...

aghhh! i know the frustration! believe me you still get it with 5th graders!!! :)

Moore Family said...

A ha ha ha ha!!! I love that! My students asked me the other day if George Washington and George Bush are brothers because they both have the name George!?!?!?!?